Friday, December 26, 2014

I See You

Who thought we’d see the day when drones would deliver packages and police the border? Drones are a hot topic right now. Some people believe drones represent technological progress, helping to protect us and the country. On the other hand, drones can be used to spy on and exploit innocent folks. In any case, there’s a lot of discussion around these incredible contraptions. Have a listen:


Much like the Internet, the legal system is racing to figure out how to regulate the use of drones. Of course, some proactive folks have stepped out ahead of the laws and simply shot drones down. They’re threatened by drone activity and see them as an invasion of privacy. Do drones represent the evolution of a police state? When you’re out running errands, how do you feel about someone watching where you’re going and what you’re doing?       

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Live Encounter

Who doesn’t love Christmas lights? Part of the holiday tradition involves admiring the lights while driving through town. There are a couple of amazing displays in our area. One of them, located in a nearby town, is huge. It probably takes weeks to set up, and includes traffic directors, communication gadgets, and even a port-a-potty. You can imagine the amount of work involved in decorating that property. It’s an incredible sight, but a different Christmas light display grabbed my attention this year.

The display engulfs a modest house that sits several yards from the edge of a busy road. When I first saw the house in the evening, it looked like every part of the property glowed with bright blue lights. As I drove past the house, all of the colors switched from white, then to another color. Imagine a whole property full of colored light flashing as you pass by. The intensity of the light against the darkness made me nervous. I felt like there were silent bombs exploding alongside the road. I wonder what their neighbors think about living next door to silent light bombs. Once the holiday season starts, there’s no telling what your neighbors will do. Don’t we all need a special kind of humor to get through the month? Have a look:   

Anyone who lives next door to a light show needs that decoration. I appreciate the big light displays, but I bet many of us would vote for simplicity. What if we picked from an upbeat collection of Christmas words to decorate our homes? What word would you choose?       

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Have Your Way?

What’s going on with our strawberries? They used to be triangle-shaped with cute points at the bottom. Now, for some reason, they’re oblong. Either the oblong shape is a different variety, or  weather and growing conditions altered the strawberry’s shape, or somebody has cross-pollinated seeds to yield a damage-resistant berry. In any case, a strawberry is still a great treat, unless the final product is sour and unappetizing. Listen to how far we’re willing to go to enjoy the fruits of life:

I support the advice regarding education and full transparency, that’s always a good idea. But the end doesn’t always justify the means. How far should we push to achieve our goals? How far are you willing to go to get what you want?    

Friday, December 5, 2014

Under Your Nose

We may have a new couch potato in the house.  This week our cat had an “aha” moment—she discovered television. During the past eight years, she has never paid attention to the TV. But for some reason, this week she decided to watch an exercise video. She walked over to the same TV we’ve had for years and plopped herself down, just two inches from the screen. I probably should have warned her to move back before she ruined her eyes. Standing behind her, I could see her head moving from side to side as if the show were a tennis match. A couple of times she touched the screen with her paw. Awww! Maybe our cat has discovered a new hobby.
Have you ever found something, only to realize it was under your nose the entire time? Is the best book you’ll ever read sitting on your bookshelf? Or is your future favorite outfit the one you bought, stuffed in the closet and forgot? Check out another incredible find:   

Isn’t it fascinating to think that someone you know from afar could be related to you?  Some of the best discoveries you’ll ever make may be closer than you think. What’s your primary mission right now? What kind of resources are sitting right under your nose?         

Saturday, November 29, 2014

What's the App for That?

We’re at that time of the year. The countdown has begun. Tick tock, tick tock! That’s the sound of time ticking away as you sit helplessly in holiday traffic. If you want to use the time wisely, you could make out Christmas lists in your head, listen to music and books on tape, or watch how other drivers entertain themselves. One day you might look over and see this:


How safe is it to ride in a vehicle that lacks a steering wheel and partly operates by GPS? Think back to the weird places GPS has led you. This car might take you to the river and refuse to budge. Or worse yet, imagine that it’s several days before Christmas, you’ve finished your shopping and want to go home, but the car keeps circling the mall, pausing at random entrances. Feels like a  nightmare, doesn't it?  

The car’s designers did say that the guidance system uses GPS, along with other factors to locate correct destinations. For now, they say the project is a work-in-progress. Still, I’m going to need a lot more confidence in the technology before I hand over control of the steering wheel.

If you had to give up the steering wheel of your life, to whom would you give it?   


Saturday, November 22, 2014

When Passion Meets Principle

Would your list of TV show favorites surprise any of the people who know you? There’s a host of shows I watch that fall outside my family’s viewing habits. At our house, you might hear someone shout, “Not Mommy TV! Grab it!” at our house. That would be the kids struggling to get the remote control before I do.

 Any title with ‘extreme’ in it usually grabs my attention. Several of my preferred TV shows highlight extraordinary situations. One of the shows I watch demonstrates how the budget-conscious live. Ignoring puzzled stares from strangers, these thrifty characters save money in the most outrageous ways. In one episode, a lady asked a baker to assemble several unsold pieces of cake. Once the baker refrosted the mass of cake, the customer negotiated and bought the dessert at a huge discount. Here’s another extreme situation:           

It takes creativity to concoct those kinds of strategies. If the guy put his ideas in a book, I’m sure it would sell well.  Clearly, when passion meets principle people do interesting things.

What things do you do that would puzzle the average person? 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Animals and Blurred Lines

Now that cooler temperatures have settled in, everyone wants to fire up a backyard fire pit. If you don’t own one, you probably know someone who does. I had an opportunity to sit around a large bonfire this week, one that included over twenty-five people. I couldn’t believe how much heat the fire gave off.  I thought it might singe my eyebrows when I roasted marshmallows for the smores. If you’re thinking only kids and the young-at-heart enjoy roasting marshmallows, check this out:

That poor creature doesn’t need those marshmallow calories; everyone knows you can’t eat just one.  Before they know it, the lab will be missing marshmallows and matches. Call in Smokey the Bear. You know what they say, “Fire safely goes, danger grows.”

Just because we can practice or teach particular behaviors and skills doesn’t mean we should. Who should decide where to draw the line?


Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Best Things in Life are Here

Every so often our cat approached me with a pitiful meow. I assumed boredom had taken hold of her so I went to the pet store to buy the perfect plaything. The task seemed simple: find a fun, inexpensive toy. Since she had a big, pink stuffed fish, cat teasers, and an assortment of rattling balls, I needed something new. After scouring the shelves, I chose a feathery, spinning thing that cost more than I wanted to spend. Would she play with it?
I took it home and set it up. She looked at it and walked away. Cat toy fail! I picked up one of her old toys, a five-year-old rope with a pipe cleaner attached to the end. I flicked it once or twice, and our cat darted after it. That little lesson reminded me how kids will spend a few hours playing with a pricey toy from the store, but give them a cardboard box and they’ll entertain themselves for a week.

Neither cats nor kids need the fanciest items in the store to be content. Sometimes the right item is already within their grasp, like this one:        

If you’re trying to save cash on the kids’ Christmas gifts, buy good ripping paper and a couple of large cardboard boxes. Those kinds of items never let you down. They say that the best things in life are free. In what way is that saying true for you?    

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Calling All Messengers

Isn’t it great that social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and  Instagram  allow us to voice our opinions, promote interests, and share pictures with the world?  Some folks prefer to skip the technology and take their personal expression to the streets. Maybe you’ve seen 3-D message blasts? I’m referring to those physical spots in the community where the most curious comments show up.

For instance, a vehicle carrying wood painted with angry, puzzling complaints used to park around town like a traveling billboard. In another spot, sits a building splashed with phrases that might be part of a local political feud. I’d like to decipher these unusual messages, but so far, they’re still mysteries.  See if these 3-D messages are easier to interpret:      

 If you could post a 3-D message in your community, what would it say?        


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Navigating the Next 24 Hours

Good information can come from many places. As we watched TV, my husband and one of the kids got into a discussion about salaries, daily expenses, and everyone’s favorite—taxes.  During an explanation about how taxes work and how much money can disappear from your pay, we noticed our youngest child absorbing every word. We had to laugh when our intrigued child said, “I should take notes on this!” You’re never too young to start soaking up worthwhile advice—especially when it comes to taxes. Maybe this advice will benefit you, too:  

Everyone has a story to share. What better way to learn a lesson than from someone else’s experience, especially if it’s a difficult one? I love how the teens went out and had face-to-face encounters with people that society often ignores. The advice fit everyone—youth, parents, college students, middle-aged folks, and even grandparents.  Some of the best advice came from the man who spoke about handling bad opportunities. He said don’t just walk away from them—run away! What guardrails have you placed in your life to keep you on the right track?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

More Pumpkin, Better Life?

Pumpkin flavors came early to stores this year. Now that it’s mid-October, pumpkin is in full force showing up in cream cheese, lattes, breads, donuts, cupcakes, cookies, smoothies, and even in milk. The funny thing is that pumpkin doesn’t have much flavor. It’s more cinnamon, sugar, and other yummy spices. Nothing wrong with that, I guess. For those of us who want more from a pumpkin, there’s always this activity:


The students came out to see the demonstration in order to get a study break. I love the ooohs and aaahs as if that was fascinating entertainment. Why are we so focused on pumpkins in the fall? I think it’s because we only have a short time to appreciate them and so we make every attempt to enjoy them. It’s like us. We only have a short time on earth, and despite the ups and downs we face, we make the best of it. There’s a saying, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” How are you maximizing the time that remains?    

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Living a Life Without…

“I can’t live without books!” I heard someone say that last week. Raise your hand if you agree, or maybe you’d call that an overreaction if you compare books to items like food, clothing, and shelter. Actually lots of people love books. I know someone who used to fall asleep at night surrounded by them, and I know another person who buys twenty second-hand books at a time, reads them, and then heads back to the store for more. Maybe books are life-sustaining.

Here’s a lady who found more than a few things she could live without:

Your heart rate must be slower after all of that tranquility. See how peaceful it feels living in an uncluttered environment? And did you see the collection of books? I’m sure they’re book lovers, too.

Mrs. Lorence only kept the items she considered basic necessities, but I don’t see us giving up most of the things she dumped. She eliminated electricity, so there’s no refrigerator, which also means no ice cream. That’s where I draw the line. Count me out!

What about you? What can’t you live without?         

Friday, October 3, 2014

Silicon Valley? Not on My Bucket List

I’m not an early adopter. Those are the folks who line up at store doors clamoring for the newest version of the latest technology. They spread the word on the pros and cons of a gadget, and morph into community experts who share advice about what technology to purchase or avoid.

I am a late adopter. I buy the oldest versions of the newest technology. While much of the world wants version XXX, I settle for version X, two versions back. I’m the one carrying the actual camera because my cell phone camera functions best when the photographic background isn’t too dark, too bright, or too…anything. I’m a late adopter and that’s okay. I don’t own the fancy version of any type of technology—yet. These folks understand what that’s like:

The one guy couldn’t make sense of the scene, and he even thought up several potential reasons for why someone would carry those loads. Despite what others think, we usually have good reasons for what we do. What types of things do you do that separate you from the crowd?        

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Which Way to Go?

Is it true that lessons we learn in our youth don’t always stick? For some reason, I keep going the wrong way when people give me directions. More than once someone said, “Turn right.” I turned left. On another occasion I heard, “Turn left.” I turned right. Hmmm. My teacher must have taught left vs. right in my kindergarten class, so I was half-amused, half-puzzled as to why I kept going the wrong way.

I came up with three possible explanations:

  1. Heard, but never actually listened to the directions.
  2. Thought I knew better.
  3. Learned, but forgot left vs. right.

I choose a combination of answers one and two. So now I’ll focus on listening more and resist thinking I know it all. Lesson learned? We’ll see. Here’s a guy with another lesson to pass on:

That short clip was full of good advice. Take what you need from it. Thinking about your own  childhood experiences, what’s the best thing you learned that still helps you today?  



Saturday, September 20, 2014

Who Changed My Cheese?

Our family enjoys grilled cheese sandwiches. I usually make them by melting the butter, spreading it on the outside of the bread, topping the unbuttered inside with slices of cheese and popping the whole sandwich—in the oven—not in the frying pan. Brown on both sides and there it is. It’s quick to make without a butter-drenched pan to clean.

Well, last week our microwave broke. I wasn’t in the mood to melt the butter on the stove so when I made myself a sandwich, I decided to skip butter altogether. I told one of our kids about the omission. Judging by the shocked look I received, you would have thought I said, “I’m disabling the Internet and tossing out the TV!” Of course, no one asked to taste my sandwich.

Grilled cheese tastes a little different without butter, but it’s edible. I wonder if we’d notice if these twenty-five items disappeared from our food:


Why would a scientist decide to put such odd ingredients in foods? We’ve grown used to them now. Remove the weird items and we’re bound to hear, “Hey, this cheese tastes funny. Who took out the calf’s stomach?”

What items have you left out, but now want to add back into your life?





Saturday, September 13, 2014

Can I Help You?

Driving through the city one morning I spotted a young adult, possibly the father, brother, or uncle, of the grade school girl who trotted beside him. One detail about the pair made me smile. The little girl had a backpack, but she wasn’t carrying it. The guy carried the bag. Nothing unusual here except that he didn’t carry it in his hand. No, he had that girly, pink backpack firmly attached to his person, sporting it like he owned it. That’s lending a hand. Good for you, guy!      

Who hasn’t needed or provided help at some point? Circumstances dictate when and how help arrives. Giving and getting help often requires a sacrifice from the receiver and the giver. While the receiver might give up pride or control, the giver might sacrifice time, money, security, or something greater. Consider these sacrifices: 

Although I am unfamiliar with this specific organization, the video highlights an important topic. Make a decision and give family members your yea or nay.   

What sacrifices have you made and who has sacrificed something for you?


Friday, September 5, 2014

Best Day of My Life? Well…

Have you ever had a wonky week that made you wonder what could possibly happen next? Last week we struggled with a  stubborn plumbing problem. This week yellow jackets decided to make our home their home. Fortunately we’ve managed to eliminate the clog and our winged guests. 

There’s more. We’re still wading through several other life and death situations. But we’re not alone. Initiate authentic, heart-to-heart chats with acquaintances and you’ll discover that they face major challenges, too. What about you?
Here’s the good news: A bright spot can lighten our darkest times. Perhaps this video will brighten your day.  Take a look:   


No matter how small or far away, bright spots can change your perspective. Take a moment to pause, relax, and reflect. In spite of your worries, what’s your bright spot?     

Friday, August 29, 2014

Lazy Or Not, Here We Go

It’s time! We’ve heard the commercials and purchased the school supplies. Students, tired of lounging around, want a change of pace. I can see the summer slipping away. I think I saw brown leaves the other day. Regardless of whether you or someone you know plans to attend classes in the fall, September feels like a time for new beginnings. It will require a change in schedule, habits, and/or mindset. Here’s a little insight on the days to come:   


 Changing habits can be challenging. No wonder we plod around like zombies during those first few weeks of September. I’m considering joining a gym, which should increase my exercise schedule from zilch to healthier. I’m not eager to start, but it’s time. During this next season what habit do you plan to add or subtract from your life? 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Break Every Chain

If Killer’s lose—run! Killer, a dog with brown lion-like fur, roamed and ruled my childhood community. On most days he stayed chained up in his backyard, but once in a while we’d hear, “Here comes Killer!”  That’s when the dog would race into the nearby playground and send us scrambling for safety. Staying on the swings was a mistake. The triple level rocket sliding board became the ultimate safe spot, if you could reach it. I don’t think Killer ever planned to chase us. His killer instincts probably kicked in once he saw youngsters scattering, screaming, and running for higher ground. I never heard about Killer biting anyone, but I’m not sure about this gang’s attack record:

Judging by the number of videos on the web, lots of people live with the fear of an animal, a person, or a particular situation. Too often our fears overshadow our sunniest days, trapping us into thinking they’re insurmountable. How do you deal with your biggest fears?   


Friday, August 15, 2014

I’d Rather Be…

“Did you kill that?” One of the kids asked me that question as we drove past a dead bird alongside the road. Geez. You get one bird wedged in the car vent, almost hit a couple more, and now I’m blamed for every dead bird in sight. Fair or unfair, that’s how nicknames and reputations develop. Once they’re established, it can be difficult to change them.

Remember your childhood friends with the wacky nicknames? What do you call those same friends after you lose touch and spot them in the mall many years later? Hello Pig! Hi Baa-Baa! Yes, I knew neighborhood kids with those names, and no, I have no idea how they got them.  Here’s what nicknames can do for you:


Sometimes you pick a nickname, and sometimes it picks you. There might be a big difference between the nickname you get and the nickname you want. Either way, sharing it lets other people into your world. What nickname best describes how you want people to know you?



Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Weed Problem

I hate them. Why are the least liked things, the things determined to stick around, the hardest to eliminate? I just weeded the flower bed. No matter how often you pull weeds up, they seem determined to return.  Why aren’t flowers that persistent? If you unwittingly yank out flowers—say good-bye—you’ll find yourself replanting more flowers in the spring. But the weeds? They’re resilient. Here’s what resilience looks like:


Ignoring weeds simply helps to hide unpleasant things. We often ignore hard-to-eliminate bad habits, too. Instead of eradicating them, we talk about eliminating them, end up giving up, and living with them.  Ignoring bad habits leads to consequences, repercussions, and perhaps reparations. Is it time to turn over a new leaf? What’s the “weed” in your life, and how will you eliminate it?                   

Friday, August 1, 2014

A Dream Come True

At least one house in our community has a yard so perfect that it resembles a scene from the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale. I’m mesmerized whenever I drive by the house. I wonder if the homeowners would feel weird if I parked to gape at their landscaping. I’m sure the owners have an interesting story about how they created such a beautiful yard. And yes, I am tempted to knock on the door and ask. I guess I won’t. But check out the story behind a different yard:


Now that’s a story! I think I spotted a few flowers mixed in with the Flower Man’s junk. In another video, he stated that his mother loved flowers, too and maybe that’s the other story behind his love for flowers. This gentleman pursued his dream and lived happily ever after. He passed away, perhaps with a smile on his face, in 2013. You probably have a dream waiting to be cultivated. Maybe it’s a dream for you, for a relative, or for an entire group of people. What’s the story behind your dream and how will you make your dream blossom?          

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Here we are at the half-way point. With the first several weeks of summer behind us, only a few precious weeks remain. We’re slowing moving toward—should I mention the word? Fall. There I said it.  Why does summer always seem to fly by so quickly? The weather, in my opinion, has been perfect. Sure, we’ve had a few hot and humid days here and there, but that’s summer! I hope your summer To-Do list includes some familiar favorites as well as some new adventures. I wonder if these places show up on your list:

I know. You feel like reviewing the video again to fully absorb the breathtaking images. Of course, you may not have an opportunity to visit Bolivia or Beijing, but don’t let that prevent you from making the most of the summer. Be creative, get inventive, go out and find an adventure. Do something different and new. What's going to make your summer special?    

Saturday, July 19, 2014

This Is How We Roll

One night, while driving down a side street lined with tidy lawns and comfortable homes, we saw a ferocious animal race into the street and chase the car in front of us. This scene might sound normal except the ferocious animal that chased the car was a cat. I’m not sure what caused the confrontation, but the car kept going and the attacker retreated to its lair. For whatever reason, a little, white kitty decided to harass a passing car. Animals don’t always do what we expect. Take a look:

We couldn’t see who drove the car that the cat chased. If it was anything like the driver in the video, then it all makes sense. Some animals can perform or appear to perform amazing feats, while other animals astonish us simply by acting on instinct. Our cat will chase a tossed ball like a dog, but she won’t retrieve it. We trained her to run to us for a treat when we ring a bell, and she understands what it means when we say no. But what about you? What do you do that might be considered normal by some people, yet abnormal by others?   


Friday, July 11, 2014

I Wanna See You Be Great

Footsteps rumbled overhead at all hours of the day. Back and forth, back and forth. It sounded like the World Cup games up there. At the end of the week we saw a member of the family who stayed in the unit above us moving a stroller and toddler equipment from our vacation resort. Maybe a future Olympian trained above our heads all week. I suspect other vacationers have experienced the overhead rumbling of a young athlete honing his or her skills. Let’s see what it takes to be great: 

He practices for four hours every day. Now that’s commitment! As a youngster, Jashaun set big goals and he’s working to achieve them. He could spend his time doing other things, but he’s sacrificing for greatness.  What will you sacrifice to be great?               

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Not A Bad Thing

Last week’s bird collision seemed like a fluke, but after this week’s incident I’m beginning to wonder if our wildlife is suffering from navigational issues. While cruising along the road, a beautiful, black butterfly flew across our windshield. Unfortunately it wasn’t quick enough to avoid hitting the left corner of our car. In the rear view mirror we could see the butterfly, somewhat dazed and confused, fluttering on the road behind us. I hope it crawled to safety before the next car rumbled by.

Last week a bird got sucked into my car’s bottom vent and Les Brown offered us advice about aiming high. This week the butterfly flew higher than the bird, yet it still ended up on the ground. Here’s the take-a-way for this week:


If you’re floundering, rather than staying down, consider changing the path you’re taking. As the video implies, a failure can be the beginning of a successful, new direction. Everyone has failed at something. Following a failure, what course correction will you or have you made?          

Friday, June 27, 2014

Our Impact

Cue the scary music! When you hear it in the movies, you know something’s about to happen. I could have used the music this week when I made “the discovery.” As I was driving down the road, a bird swooped low, crossing in front of my vehicle.  I braced for the deadly thump, but nothing happened. I expected to see the bird continue its flight path, it didn’t and I drove on. Brace yourself. Cue the scary music!
The next day I glanced down and spotted two, tiny bird feet and a clump of feathers sticking out from my front bottom vent. The bird from the prior day hadn’t flown past me, but ended up lodged in my vehicle like some weird car ornament. Poor bird! After a third peek at the car vent, I found that the bird had fallen out. There’s a moral to the story and it goes like this:
We don’t want to end up like the poor bird that flew too low and suffered for it. Instead let’s aim high to reach our goals. People often talk about fulfilling their life purpose. What’s yours and are you willing to aim high?  

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Under Surveillance

Our cat went “off the grid” by wiggling out of her collar three times this week. A bell attached to her collar is our radar tracker. It warns us of her presence, but without it she follows us undetected until the last minute when we turn around and stumble over her.   If she’s wearing her collar, we don’t have to follow her to know when she’s wrestling with a toy or jumping onto the window sill. We can tell by the type of jingles. These days she’s not the only one under surveillance. Have a listen:


I can’t imagine hearing a mysterious voice from a faraway office scolding me for dropping trash or jaywalking. The video resembles a scene from a dystopian movie, not reality in 2014.  Welcome to the future—or is it? Maybe the future is now. How do you feel about being under someone’s watchful eye?     


Saturday, June 14, 2014

That’s No Bull

If you’re concerned about rising milk prices, you’re not alone. During a family discussion about high milk prices, one of our kids suggested we get a cow. Why not? We’d have free milk and free mowing whenever the cow grazed on the lawn. We could use the manure for fertilizer and sell the leftovers. If cow ownership doesn’t work out, there’s always beef for dinner. My husband pointed out a few potential problems with buying a cow, but one of our kids politely suggested that he shouldn’t be so negative.  We didn’t arrive at a final decision on the cow purchase, but since we live in the suburbs and not on a farm—I  don’t see our idea moving forward, however here’s one idea that did: 

 Syd just bought a cow! Congratulations, Syd! What a great lesson. I wonder if she understands the full implications of her purchase because it sounds like she can anticipate a lot of work and big payoffs once they sell the calves. It pays to weigh the pros and cons before jumping into new situations. What situation required you to weigh the positives and negatives before making a major decision? How did everything turn out?        

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Not A Good Thing

You probably know people who dislike certain foods. Maybe they avoid eating sweets or meats. We have a young person in our family who shies away from vegetables. When a certain someone lingered at the dinner table long after everyone else had gone, l wasn’t too surprised to hear, “Is it wrong to put corn in my pocket?” I think we can all agree that it’s not a good thing. We’ve all tried to avoid something by hiding it. The reality is that hiding doesn’t make the situation go away. Consider this question:    


Every day we allow various activities to keep us busy—work, hobbies, eating, exercising, social media, meeting with friends, listening to music, watching TV, surfing the web. Any one of those activities can be good or bad, but how many of them are helping us to hide from issues in life? Pause for a moment. Settle yourself with a deep breath. Is there an issue that you’ve been hiding or avoiding that needs your attention? It’s not a good thing to keep pushing it aside. So, what is a better way to deal with it?