Friday, August 1, 2014

A Dream Come True

At least one house in our community has a yard so perfect that it resembles a scene from the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale. I’m mesmerized whenever I drive by the house. I wonder if the homeowners would feel weird if I parked to gape at their landscaping. I’m sure the owners have an interesting story about how they created such a beautiful yard. And yes, I am tempted to knock on the door and ask. I guess I won’t. But check out the story behind a different yard:


Now that’s a story! I think I spotted a few flowers mixed in with the Flower Man’s junk. In another video, he stated that his mother loved flowers, too and maybe that’s the other story behind his love for flowers. This gentleman pursued his dream and lived happily ever after. He passed away, perhaps with a smile on his face, in 2013. You probably have a dream waiting to be cultivated. Maybe it’s a dream for you, for a relative, or for an entire group of people. What’s the story behind your dream and how will you make your dream blossom?          


sharon mack said...

My dream? To become a Court Reporter with the few remaining good years of work I have left!! I love this man's promise to God. He turns "junk" into "treasure" and that's just what God does too! That could be why I'm a trash picker myself.

Bethanie said...

Sharon, what nice image. It sounds like you have more to tell. :) Just what kind of trash picker are you?