Friday, August 29, 2014

Lazy Or Not, Here We Go

It’s time! We’ve heard the commercials and purchased the school supplies. Students, tired of lounging around, want a change of pace. I can see the summer slipping away. I think I saw brown leaves the other day. Regardless of whether you or someone you know plans to attend classes in the fall, September feels like a time for new beginnings. It will require a change in schedule, habits, and/or mindset. Here’s a little insight on the days to come:   


 Changing habits can be challenging. No wonder we plod around like zombies during those first few weeks of September. I’m considering joining a gym, which should increase my exercise schedule from zilch to healthier. I’m not eager to start, but it’s time. During this next season what habit do you plan to add or subtract from your life? 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Break Every Chain

If Killer’s lose—run! Killer, a dog with brown lion-like fur, roamed and ruled my childhood community. On most days he stayed chained up in his backyard, but once in a while we’d hear, “Here comes Killer!”  That’s when the dog would race into the nearby playground and send us scrambling for safety. Staying on the swings was a mistake. The triple level rocket sliding board became the ultimate safe spot, if you could reach it. I don’t think Killer ever planned to chase us. His killer instincts probably kicked in once he saw youngsters scattering, screaming, and running for higher ground. I never heard about Killer biting anyone, but I’m not sure about this gang’s attack record:

Judging by the number of videos on the web, lots of people live with the fear of an animal, a person, or a particular situation. Too often our fears overshadow our sunniest days, trapping us into thinking they’re insurmountable. How do you deal with your biggest fears?   


Friday, August 15, 2014

I’d Rather Be…

“Did you kill that?” One of the kids asked me that question as we drove past a dead bird alongside the road. Geez. You get one bird wedged in the car vent, almost hit a couple more, and now I’m blamed for every dead bird in sight. Fair or unfair, that’s how nicknames and reputations develop. Once they’re established, it can be difficult to change them.

Remember your childhood friends with the wacky nicknames? What do you call those same friends after you lose touch and spot them in the mall many years later? Hello Pig! Hi Baa-Baa! Yes, I knew neighborhood kids with those names, and no, I have no idea how they got them.  Here’s what nicknames can do for you:


Sometimes you pick a nickname, and sometimes it picks you. There might be a big difference between the nickname you get and the nickname you want. Either way, sharing it lets other people into your world. What nickname best describes how you want people to know you?



Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Weed Problem

I hate them. Why are the least liked things, the things determined to stick around, the hardest to eliminate? I just weeded the flower bed. No matter how often you pull weeds up, they seem determined to return.  Why aren’t flowers that persistent? If you unwittingly yank out flowers—say good-bye—you’ll find yourself replanting more flowers in the spring. But the weeds? They’re resilient. Here’s what resilience looks like:


Ignoring weeds simply helps to hide unpleasant things. We often ignore hard-to-eliminate bad habits, too. Instead of eradicating them, we talk about eliminating them, end up giving up, and living with them.  Ignoring bad habits leads to consequences, repercussions, and perhaps reparations. Is it time to turn over a new leaf? What’s the “weed” in your life, and how will you eliminate it?                   

Friday, August 1, 2014

A Dream Come True

At least one house in our community has a yard so perfect that it resembles a scene from the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale. I’m mesmerized whenever I drive by the house. I wonder if the homeowners would feel weird if I parked to gape at their landscaping. I’m sure the owners have an interesting story about how they created such a beautiful yard. And yes, I am tempted to knock on the door and ask. I guess I won’t. But check out the story behind a different yard:


Now that’s a story! I think I spotted a few flowers mixed in with the Flower Man’s junk. In another video, he stated that his mother loved flowers, too and maybe that’s the other story behind his love for flowers. This gentleman pursued his dream and lived happily ever after. He passed away, perhaps with a smile on his face, in 2013. You probably have a dream waiting to be cultivated. Maybe it’s a dream for you, for a relative, or for an entire group of people. What’s the story behind your dream and how will you make your dream blossom?