Friday, August 30, 2013


Was our beautiful plant gone, gone, gone? When we left for vacation last month, our potted plant’s lush red flowers made me smile. Upon our return, we witnessed the damage the horrible heat had caused. Dry soil and barren plant stems replaced the beautiful, red blooms. Darn that Feels Like one hundred four degree weather!

You might be wondering if I dumped the plant or gave it another chance? How could something so dehydrated live again? I flooded the pot with water and the plant survived! The green stems have a few sparse leaves, and one tiny bud popped out, the early stages of a flower. I’m eager to see the plant bloom again. I just hope they come before the temperatures drop. This plant is a survivor. If you want to see extraordinary survivors, take a look:


Miracles can happen anywhere, anytime. What miracle have you experienced?  

Friday, August 23, 2013

Double Insight and Seeing Double

Are you seeing double? I am. In the past week I’ve seen enough twins and triplets to believe  there’s a twin festival in town. In fact, I just saw part of a show where a couple had toddler twins and infant twins, and yes, the wife sounded overwhelmed. I’m surprised I didn’t have twins since my grandmother had a twin sister and we have twin cousins in our family. Despite being a handful, twins are fascinating. They finish one another’s sentences, share emotions, and develop similar preferences even when raised apart. I’m always amazed at how their parents can match the correct names and faces. There’s something special about being born with a buddy. Take a look:


When two people talk in unplanned synchronicity, it’s a hoot! Add in the joint laughter and dreams, and you can tell there’s a close connection between twins. You don’t have to be a twin to experience a special bond. With whom do you share a special connection?      


Friday, August 16, 2013

The Exercise Revolution

Does your vehicle have a sunroof? I didn’t appreciate their value until I glanced in my rear view mirror earlier this week.  Waiting for the red light to change, I saw a driver stick one arm out of the sunroof and the other arm out of the driver side window. With hands clasped together, the drive leaned over and stretched. Boy, that must have felt great—it just looked a little odd. Driving is always an interesting experience. You probably wouldn’t expect to see this scene alongside the highway:


Why waste time? If you have a few minutes, and your vehicle is equipped, go on and exercise.  Here’s a better idea: work-out trainers could outfit buses with workout equipment and make house calls—the gym could come to us! We could skip buying the expensive health club memberships and the bulky equipment. Vehicle exercising could become the next new trend. What other type of at/in-home service would you enjoy?         

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Not A Beach Week

This past week wasn’t one to spend at the beach. Gray skies, cool temperatures and on-off rain made it feel more like autumn. Some people will go to the beach in any kind of weather. They’ll visit the ocean on sunny days, wintry ones or right in the middle of a storm. The ocean does have a certain attraction when the wind blows and turbulent waves pound the shore. We’re mesmerized by enormous bodies of water. Notice how we’re always asking, “How deep is it?” The ocean’s depths hold astonishing finds; you never know what you’ll discover down there. Listen and look at this:    
If I were a fish in the deep and saw those pulsating lights, instead of taking cover, I’d never stop staring and end up as dinner. Do you remember playing Hide-N-Seek and hiding out in the open, hoping that you’d blend into your surroundings? Remember how that never worked? Octopuses make disappearing look easy. Our oceans are full of amazing creatures and their and mind-boggling abilities. What draws you to the beach?         

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rowdy Bumper Car Recreation

Have you been to an amusement park this summer? It’s our family’s civic duty to visit at least one or two parks per year, but we’re under our annual quota. Several weeks ago I rode an updated version of the classic bumper cars. It was a fun ride, except the experience transported me to my childhood days when my car would freeze-up a corner (yeah, that was me). Back then, I twisted and turned the wheel, hoping the right combination of moves would free me from my time-out. Meanwhile, as the other drivers whizzed around the enclosure banging and crashing into one another, the sounds of whirling motors and maniacal laughter burrowed into my brain. Eventually, a fellow driver’s merciless bump freed me, but by then the ride was over. Oh, those wonderful amusement park adventures! Some people shouldn’t ride the bumper cars. Watch this:


 That’s probably not what the retailer had in mind when they stocked the store with motorized carts. As you can see, it’s never a good situation when bumper car playtime leaves the protected area of an amusement park. What activity do you wish you could do without worrying about social or political boundaries?