Friday, August 16, 2013

The Exercise Revolution

Does your vehicle have a sunroof? I didn’t appreciate their value until I glanced in my rear view mirror earlier this week.  Waiting for the red light to change, I saw a driver stick one arm out of the sunroof and the other arm out of the driver side window. With hands clasped together, the drive leaned over and stretched. Boy, that must have felt great—it just looked a little odd. Driving is always an interesting experience. You probably wouldn’t expect to see this scene alongside the highway:


Why waste time? If you have a few minutes, and your vehicle is equipped, go on and exercise.  Here’s a better idea: work-out trainers could outfit buses with workout equipment and make house calls—the gym could come to us! We could skip buying the expensive health club memberships and the bulky equipment. Vehicle exercising could become the next new trend. What other type of at/in-home service would you enjoy?         

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