Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Real Deal

Our favorite cereal is disappearing from grocery store shelves and making it difficult to find two boxes anywhere. After comparing our favorite cereal to potential alternatives, we’re still hunting for a good replacement. Sometimes substitutes make us smile and sometimes they don’t. What do you think about these folks:

Everyone’s cheery in the video because no one’s revealed an evil side. Not long ago the news featured a story where a lady tried taking over her acquaintance’s life. It didn’t end well. When have you settled for a substitute instead of the real deal?

Sunday, August 19, 2018

After the Wave

If you’re a frequent beach-goer, then you probably enjoy the predictability of fun in the sand, sun, and water. I anticipated all those things when we visited the beach, but we experienced something else, too.

We positioned chairs about twenty yards from the water’s edge and relaxed in the light breeze, mesmerized by the lapping waves. The day melted way like that until about four o’clock when I noticed water inching up the beach, chasing off everyone in its path. It sneaked closer and closer until it puddled within two feet of our chairs. Although we’ve spent afternoons at the beach before, the ocean has never reached out to greet us. Watch what this water does:   

While a storm is predictable, its impact is not. If you’re a student, teacher or parent, you know—like last year—the school year will begin again. But we never knows the types of changes the year will bring. What’s the one thing that will never change?     

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Where You Are

Summer weather usually propels us toward pools. When the temperatures rose this week, our family visited a water park. Since I’m not a fan of pools, you’ll understand how uncomfortable I felt when you read what happened next. While waiting for the next fake wave to wash over us, a thin slice of banana floated past. Why? We were disturbed and confused. People notice when something or someone’s out of place. Watch these reactions: 

 Don’t the video’s bystanders look bewildered? If you’re familiar with the city, you expect to see all levels of wealth and poverty. The only out of place situation is when opposite ends of the spectrum merge right before your eyes. For some reason, people like to dictate who’s out of place. Where do you feel most comfortable?

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Your Aha Moment

We may have a new couch potato in the house.  This week our cat had an “aha” moment—she discovered television. During the past eight years, she has never paid attention to the TV. But for some reason, this week she decided to watch an exercise video. She walked over to the same TV we’ve had for years and plopped herself down, just two inches from the screen. I probably should have warned her to move back before she ruined her eyes. Standing behind her, I could see her head moving from side to side as if the show were a tennis match. A couple of times she touched the screen with her paw.  Maybe our cat has discovered a new hobby.
Have you ever found something, only to realize it was under your nose the entire time? Is the best book you’ll ever read sitting on your bookshelf? Or is your future favorite outfit the one you bought, stuffed in the closet and forgot? Check out another incredible discovery:    
Isn’t it fascinating to think that someone you know from afar could be related to you?  Some of the best discoveries you’ll ever make may be closer than you think. What’s you best discovery?     
Edited from 2014