Saturday, June 27, 2015

When You’re Incredible

Can you hear or smell colors? I considered the question when our kids mentioned how they enjoyed visiting the AAA Travel agency because it smelled like travel. Really? When I visited a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t notice a travel smell. Maybe I missed it.
The kids’ comment reminded me of a story I heard about someone whose senses reached beyond our normal experiences. I could tell you about it, but it’s more astounding if you “see” it for yourself. The first video explains the phenomenon, and the second one gives a personal account.



When last week’s post asked you to name something incredible, I hope you thought about yourself. Our lungs inhale and exhale, our hearts work non-stop for about seventy or eighty years, pumping a vital liquid into tiny tubes throughout our bodies. That’s incredible!
If your four-year-old daughter or son, niece or nephew asked you what makes people special. How would you answer?        

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Hot Potato Matter

What can you do with a hot potato, besides eat it? At dinner last week, instead of eating their baked potatoes, our kids rolled them over their faces and wondered why hot baked potatoes  haven’t replaced heated rocks for massages. They explained how, after a relaxing massage, the potato could double as a nutritious snack. Leave it to kids to find new uses for foods they don’t want to eat. Here’s another idea:

Who knew potatoes could change from glowing, squishy balls to liquid messes, dripping off the palm of your hand? No wonder the video has millions of hits. But, wait! There’s more….
One website stated how a scientist created ice cream that changes colors when licked. The ice cream is made from natural ingredients—maybe it’s potatoes. Scientists make fresh discoveries every year, and we can’t wait until the next, new thing. The more unusual, the better.  What’s the most incredible thing you’ve seen or heard?    



Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Fault in our Stars?

Is it going to rain or not? All day the clouds blow in; the clouds blow out, but no rain falls. The weather forecaster’s stormy promises raise many questions. Should we grill our dinner or play it safe and use the stove? Should we water the flowers and vegetables, or wait for the rain? Sure, we get an occasional misting here and there, but nothing like the downpours promised.

The weather forecasts remind me of the dire warnings for predicted disasters. No one wants a crisis, especially none like these:

The predictions may continue for years. Researchers say “a big one” could occur within the next thirty days or in the next thirty years. We’ve seen the cracked tectonic plates, and heard the geologist’s testimonies. Experts are convinced the big one is going to happen, but what about you? Are you concerned about catastrophic events? What makes you believe one will occur?      

Friday, June 12, 2015

Your Authentic Self?

How well do you know yourself? You’ll see a whole, new side by playing a game I call “Impersonate Me.” Our family has played it a few times. Each person adopts the mannerisms of their selected person. What an eye-opener. You never fully know yourself until you see someone imitate how you sit, eat, or talk. Try it and see what happens.

Over the weekend, I felt sucked into a modified version of “Impersonate Me” when our kids decided to describe the “the things I do.” They said sometimes, during casual conversation, I launch into foreign accents—which I doubted—until I did it. In the car this morning, one of the kids decided to mirror back the facial expressions I made as I talked. Nice. I predict a long  summer. But then, this video gave me a new perspective on the coming months. Take a look:

If I copy these facial expressions and throw in a couple of Julia Child and Scooby Doo voice impressions, within a week, the kids will be extremely annoyed with my shenanigans. If I'm fortuntate, they’ll grow bored with me and move on to someone else. I better warn my husband.

Given the number of roles we fill in our families, in school, and at our jobs, it’s easy to lose track of our true selves. What about you? Do you offer people your authentic “face,” or do you give them the one they expect to see?

Friday, June 5, 2015

A Pre-Dawn Call

Welcome to my experience with a relentless telemarketing company. This particular company chose to call me at 2:00, 4:30, 5:15, and 5:45 this morning. Was that their “surprise strategy” for catching groggy households off-guard? They crossed the line.

I sent them a text that said, “This is ridiculous. Stop calling.”  A return message said I texted to a landline, but a verbal message could be sent to the line for a fee. No thanks! Instead I registered with the Do Not Call registry. I’ll keep you posted on what happens next. In the meantime, check out this tactic:


If your telemarketer is a human, they are no match for a child because kids possess special skills for winning telemarketing phone wars. If a child is shy, talkative, or too young to speak English, the telemarketer will beg to speak to an adult, and eventually hang up in frustration. Perfect! You’ve won the battle—until the next call.  

We can address our problems head-on or minimize them with a change in perspective. In any case, we win. What has been your most persistent problem, and how was it resolved?