Friday, June 12, 2015

Your Authentic Self?

How well do you know yourself? You’ll see a whole, new side by playing a game I call “Impersonate Me.” Our family has played it a few times. Each person adopts the mannerisms of their selected person. What an eye-opener. You never fully know yourself until you see someone imitate how you sit, eat, or talk. Try it and see what happens.

Over the weekend, I felt sucked into a modified version of “Impersonate Me” when our kids decided to describe the “the things I do.” They said sometimes, during casual conversation, I launch into foreign accents—which I doubted—until I did it. In the car this morning, one of the kids decided to mirror back the facial expressions I made as I talked. Nice. I predict a long  summer. But then, this video gave me a new perspective on the coming months. Take a look:

If I copy these facial expressions and throw in a couple of Julia Child and Scooby Doo voice impressions, within a week, the kids will be extremely annoyed with my shenanigans. If I'm fortuntate, they’ll grow bored with me and move on to someone else. I better warn my husband.

Given the number of roles we fill in our families, in school, and at our jobs, it’s easy to lose track of our true selves. What about you? Do you offer people your authentic “face,” or do you give them the one they expect to see?

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