Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Fault in our Stars?

Is it going to rain or not? All day the clouds blow in; the clouds blow out, but no rain falls. The weather forecaster’s stormy promises raise many questions. Should we grill our dinner or play it safe and use the stove? Should we water the flowers and vegetables, or wait for the rain? Sure, we get an occasional misting here and there, but nothing like the downpours promised.

The weather forecasts remind me of the dire warnings for predicted disasters. No one wants a crisis, especially none like these:

The predictions may continue for years. Researchers say “a big one” could occur within the next thirty days or in the next thirty years. We’ve seen the cracked tectonic plates, and heard the geologist’s testimonies. Experts are convinced the big one is going to happen, but what about you? Are you concerned about catastrophic events? What makes you believe one will occur?      

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