Friday, June 26, 2015

The Hot Potato Matter

What can you do with a hot potato, besides eat it? At dinner last week, instead of eating their baked potatoes, our kids rolled them over their faces and wondered why hot baked potatoes  haven’t replaced heated rocks for massages. They explained how, after a relaxing massage, the potato could double as a nutritious snack. Leave it to kids to find new uses for foods they don’t want to eat. Here’s another idea:

Who knew potatoes could change from glowing, squishy balls to liquid messes, dripping off the palm of your hand? No wonder the video has millions of hits. But, wait! There’s more….
One website stated how a scientist created ice cream that changes colors when licked. The ice cream is made from natural ingredients—maybe it’s potatoes. Scientists make fresh discoveries every year, and we can’t wait until the next, new thing. The more unusual, the better.  What’s the most incredible thing you’ve seen or heard?    



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