Saturday, February 25, 2017

Beware: The Truth

You never know what you’ll hear in the news or at home. That’s especially true with kids, so it shouldn’t have surprised me to hear one of ours say, “I’m pretty sure salmonella is a myth.” Tell that to anyone who has gotten sick from it. It’s easy to discount salmonella if neither you nor anyone you know has suffered from it, but that doesn’t make salmonella a myth. Many of the stories we read cause us to pause and think twice, like this one:


So, what’s your opinion? How do you decide if what you see and hear is true? Frankly, in this case, who cares? But lots of other issues do matter. Long ago, an important ruler asked, “What is truth?” It’s a question that still nags us today. What’s one thing you know to be true?    

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Dial it Back

Rushing to get things done, regardless of whether the tasks are great or small, can cause unintended results. In a prior post, I mentioned that the manufacturers of the chocolate we buy glue the bag shut like they’re protecting pure gold. Being impatient, I’ve attacked the bag in a way that caused my family members to ask, “Why!?” This week, after ripping open the bag, I mumbled about how my family would probably blame me. Then, I laughed aloud. They ought to blame me since it was my fault. Don’t be surprised when impatience leads to outcomes like this:


 If impatience leads to harassment, prepare for retaliation. That’s how this guy earned himself a bill. His frustration was avoidable. The sooner we step outside of ourselves, and see others in the broader picture, the better. After considering the bigger picture, what hasty decision do you want to revisit?    

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cold Weather Wishes Unleashed

One of our kids said, “I want a blizzard.” It sounded like an odd request since this is the child who’s not a fan of cold weather. Eventually, I realized that “blizzard” referred to Blizzard, so the statement was about ice cream, not weather. Of course, the request couldn’t have triggered a weather event, but we still received several inches of snow during this week’s storm. We’re often surprised when requests are granted. Watch these responses:  


 What a wonderful program. We could make the world fifty shades brighter by copying this idea. Experts say we bless ourselves when we look beyond personal wants and   help others instead. Carrying that spirit forward, what’s your one wish for the country today?  

Sunday, February 5, 2017

You Wanna Know

After mentioning the story of Pocahontas, one of our kids noticed a similarity to the Romeo and Juliet tale in which a couple from different backgrounds unite despite protests from their friends and family. In response to the insight, I said, “Well, look at you, knowing things.” Our child replied, “Dang it! I don’t want to know things,” partly joking and partly in protest of finishing the evening's stack of homework.

Of course, “knowing things” has brought us this far. We learned from successes and avoided the mistakes of people, examples, and stories around us. Listen to the sorrow of not knowing:


Think of all the rich traditions and experiences that disappear when old stories stay trapped inside, never passed along. Growing up, we’ve benefited from the knowledge and guidance of parents, grandparents, older family members, mentors, and teachers. At this point in life, where do you turn for advice?