Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cold Weather Wishes Unleashed

One of our kids said, “I want a blizzard.” It sounded like an odd request since this is the child who’s not a fan of cold weather. Eventually, I realized that “blizzard” referred to Blizzard, so the statement was about ice cream, not weather. Of course, the request couldn’t have triggered a weather event, but we still received several inches of snow during this week’s storm. We’re often surprised when requests are granted. Watch these responses:  


 What a wonderful program. We could make the world fifty shades brighter by copying this idea. Experts say we bless ourselves when we look beyond personal wants and   help others instead. Carrying that spirit forward, what’s your one wish for the country today?  

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emma bruce said...

I've seen similar stories and it's hard not to smile and feel good when watching them.

My wish for the country today is "peace". I wish for one day, at least, people would look around them and see what is right, what is good, what they can get through, and stop focusing on all the other stuff that they have no control over.