Saturday, November 25, 2017

Nothing Holding You Back

Earlier this week, someone told me that they bumped their head on a tree branch—not while horseback riding—they were walking down the street. Ouch! I guess it’s possible since people and trees come in all heights. Tree branches often grow dangerously low making it almost impossible to avoid them. Sometimes obstructions stop us, sometimes they cause us to pause, and sometimes we crash through them, like in this case:


Here’s one of the few scenarios where a majority of people side with window breakers. When there’s a task to complete, committed people find a way to prevail. A wise person assesses a situation and determines whether to circumvent an obstacle or smash through it. What situation are you struggling to push through and how will you prevail?

Friday, November 17, 2017

Inside Lighted Alleys

Now that we rolled our clocks back an hour, darkness descends as fast as a poorly pitched tent. I forget how dark the back roads get with only headlights guiding the way. Adding to the night’s mystery, we never know when or where wandering deer will decide to cross the road. On cloudy evenings, darkness surrounds us like a velvet cloak as our thoughts run wild with imagined dangers, like this:   


A few extra precautions will help us stay safe. For instance, trust your instincts, travel with the brightest light, and avoid roads leading to short cuts and back alleys where danger might lurk. By nature, most of us enjoy a good scare. It’s the potentially bad scares that worry us. What’s scaring you and how are you handling it?       

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Without A Doubt

When traveling on a familiar road, we think we know what conditions we’ll face. In the morning, we expect rush hour traffic to delay us, like I did earlier this week. Driving along a road congested with early rush hour traffic, I expected to encounter a long line of cars. Off to the left, about two cars ahead, I spotted an escape route. At that moment, the two cars in front of me made the left turn revealing an open road with the closest car was about twenty yards away. No rush hour traffic in sight. I jumped to conclusions based on what I believed, and so did these guys:


We’re quick to look at a situation, and make judgement calls without considering all sides, or even a few facts. If we spend a little time investigating—asking, the whens, hows, or whys—imagine what we might learn. When is the last time you jumped to a conclusion?

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Remember the Time

The atmosphere feels wrong. With October over and the ghouls put away, we normally tumble headlong into holiday preparations. The stores responded on cue by selling everything we need to move forward, but given the 70-degree temperatures, things feel off-kilter. The weather suggests showers, flowers, and endless sunshine as if spring and summer are around the corner. Sea-saw temperatures leave us guessing about what tomorrow holds. Let’s hope it’s not this scenario:


 We’re living in unprecedented times, breaking records on all fronts—in the weather, in the culture, and in our political climate. What unprecedented life event will you always remember?