Saturday, November 11, 2017

Without A Doubt

When traveling on a familiar road, we think we know what conditions we’ll face. In the morning, we expect rush hour traffic to delay us, like I did earlier this week. Driving along a road congested with early rush hour traffic, I expected to encounter a long line of cars. Off to the left, about two cars ahead, I spotted an escape route. At that moment, the two cars in front of me made the left turn revealing an open road with the closest car was about twenty yards away. No rush hour traffic in sight. I jumped to conclusions based on what I believed, and so did these guys:


We’re quick to look at a situation, and make judgement calls without considering all sides, or even a few facts. If we spend a little time investigating—asking, the whens, hows, or whys—imagine what we might learn. When is the last time you jumped to a conclusion?

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