Friday, October 25, 2013

Home: Yesterday and Today

Can we go home again? Can you revisit the place where you grew up? I have limited access to my childhood home and occasionally I’ll go back to reminisce.  The kitchen reminds me of how I used to look up at the bottom of the cabinets. I marvel at the living room space where I played games, decorated the Christmas tree and did cartwheels. It seemed roomy back then, but looks far too small for my cartwheels now.  I even recall the shiny, pink bathroom tiles that spiced up the second floor. Snazzy! Are you feeling nostalgic yet? See if this video and its lyrics bring back memories.  


 No, I don't know this family, but what a touching tribute for a childhood home! Is home where you live, where you spend holidays, a place in your memories, or somewhere else?  Where is home for you?             

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pumpkin-Filled Glee

It’s that time of the year again—pumpkin time! Pumpkins rule during this season. We enjoy pumpkin-flavored hot beverages, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin donuts, and let’s not forget pumpkin bread.  Our kids baked two loaves on Monday. We devoured both of them by Wednesday, so they baked two more on Thursday. We’ll have to exercise everyday for the rest of the month to burn off our extra calories. If you’re up to your waist in pumpkin, check this out:


I wondered what happened to ginormous, leftover pumpkins. One guy said he used a boatload of chemicals to cultivate his mega-pumpkin. If you can’t eat them, why not sail them? It’s fun and makes good use something that’s destined to wither away. Remember the old expression about one person’s trash being another person’s treasure? What have you seen cast aside only to be restored for another purpose?       


Friday, October 11, 2013

Where Is The Voice?

 What does the fox say? That’s the title of a crazy music video that’s gone viral. If you check out the video, you’ll hear the fox say a bunch of gobbledygook, but that hasn’t stopped people from listening. Two Norwegian brothers created the song for fun, but nobody laughed during the initial performance. The brothers say their song is nonsense, but it does offer a cultural message. The poor fox isn’t assigned a sound, and like our marginalized populations, often goes unheard. Despite the world’s social injustices, thank goodness brave people still speak out.  Take a look:

How do we multiple multiply that level of kindness around the world? Despite being shot in the head for supporting the education of females, teen-aged Malala continues to represent a message of change, peace and reconciliation. We’re all passionate about an issue or charity. Here’s a chance to champion your cause. What do you say?      



Friday, October 4, 2013

Beyond the Essential Budget

What’s necessary and what’s not? Years ago I faced that question when I purchased my first car. I responded with my purse by skipping the fancy schmancy power windows option. Boy, was that a mistake! I spent the next several years exercising my left bicep. Uh no! Here comes a toll. Roll down the window. Roll up the window. Fast food drive-thru? Roll down the window, roll up the window. You get the picture. We’ll be frugal initially, but then pesky inconveniences force us to consider paying for improvements and upgrades. 

Here’s where we could go on a lengthy tirade about the government shutdown situation, but I think we’re on the same page—we don’t like it!  Unless we campaign for political office, what’s a citizen to do? Three things: complain, contact our representatives, and control our own household spending. See if this in your budget:             


Can humans eat gold? My brief research indicated that pure gold is safe for human consumption. Next question: Why would anyone want to eat gold?  Answer: For the thrill of it. Every day we hear a news story about someone taking a risk for a thrill. What gives you a thrill and what’s the cost?