Friday, October 4, 2013

Beyond the Essential Budget

What’s necessary and what’s not? Years ago I faced that question when I purchased my first car. I responded with my purse by skipping the fancy schmancy power windows option. Boy, was that a mistake! I spent the next several years exercising my left bicep. Uh no! Here comes a toll. Roll down the window. Roll up the window. Fast food drive-thru? Roll down the window, roll up the window. You get the picture. We’ll be frugal initially, but then pesky inconveniences force us to consider paying for improvements and upgrades. 

Here’s where we could go on a lengthy tirade about the government shutdown situation, but I think we’re on the same page—we don’t like it!  Unless we campaign for political office, what’s a citizen to do? Three things: complain, contact our representatives, and control our own household spending. See if this in your budget:             


Can humans eat gold? My brief research indicated that pure gold is safe for human consumption. Next question: Why would anyone want to eat gold?  Answer: For the thrill of it. Every day we hear a news story about someone taking a risk for a thrill. What gives you a thrill and what’s the cost?          

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