Friday, October 11, 2013

Where Is The Voice?

 What does the fox say? That’s the title of a crazy music video that’s gone viral. If you check out the video, you’ll hear the fox say a bunch of gobbledygook, but that hasn’t stopped people from listening. Two Norwegian brothers created the song for fun, but nobody laughed during the initial performance. The brothers say their song is nonsense, but it does offer a cultural message. The poor fox isn’t assigned a sound, and like our marginalized populations, often goes unheard. Despite the world’s social injustices, thank goodness brave people still speak out.  Take a look:

How do we multiple multiply that level of kindness around the world? Despite being shot in the head for supporting the education of females, teen-aged Malala continues to represent a message of change, peace and reconciliation. We’re all passionate about an issue or charity. Here’s a chance to champion your cause. What do you say?      



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