Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Head-Turner

In the middle of our community’s neatly manicured lawns sits one house with thigh-high grass. People driving by must wonder, “When are they going to mow?” Walking past the house is out of the question because who knows what kind of wildlife might attack. There’s always one lawn in a neighborhood that turns heads.

Overgrown lawns are like people, the outside suggests whether something significant is happening on the inside. If you see acquaintances acting a bit unusual, dig a little deeper. Watch how a neighborly visit might have prevented this situation:   


Unfortunately, we either under or overreact to curious behaviors. In this case, a well-intentioned favor morphed into a police matter, which shows how easily our internal state bubbles up to the surface and spills into the public arena. What incredible experience has caused you to behave in a surprising way?  

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Dare to Live

Music is amazing. I’ve attended two student concerts this week, and it’s wonderful to hear how well young people play. I may learn to play an instrument one day, and if I could truly sing, boy, I’d be annoying because I would never stay silent. Activities like gym, swimming, and art help develop well-rounded students, but every student should dedicate six months to learning to play an instrument. You never know where a bit of exposure will lead. With a little patience, this could be you: 

Are you inspired to grab the nearest improvisational instrument? Start practicing now. You may not sound wonderful initially, if ever. The point is you won’t know until you try. It’s easy to stay comfortable. Dare to stop procrastinating and dive into whatever you keep putting off. Where will your new journey take you?  

Friday, May 11, 2018

Autocorrect Suffering

Good old autocorrect. It’s not your friend. You remember how it tricked you after glancing at what you typed and realizing you texted a nonsensical statement. Recently, I received a lengthy text that ended with, “Great is the night.” I texted the same comment back. Maybe it was a fancy way to say good night. Who knows? If I hadn’t signed off, the next few lines to me may have mentioned something poetic about sparkling stars and the waning moon.

We get the wonkiest results whenever we overdo technology. And when technology controls everything, we get this reaction:  

Our safety concerns about surrendering control depends on where we place our trust. In the video, you might feel comfortable trusting the mechanical inner workings, the designing engineer, or the validity of the concept. Overall, how comfortable are you about giving up “the controls”?    

Saturday, May 5, 2018

God’s Plan

Does it feel like things are deteriorating? One of my favorite restaurants has lost its sizzle. Store items shrink in size while prices rise. That’s probably not what you expect to hear with flowers blooming and trees sprouting, but that’s how it goes. Spring makes everything feel fresh and new, yet each year our trees stoop a little lower, supporting fewer branches and leaves. Regardless of your age, I bet you’re feeling older and creakier, too.

Can you guess that I recently attended a high school reunion? I’m sure more than a few guests thought about how fast the years passed. It feels like only yesterday when we wondered what life changes awaited us at college, in first jobs, and in marriage. Despite tackling those milestones, I think my schoolmates were harboring questions about the future. Will we attend the next reunion? Will the next chapter of life be as good or better than the ones left behind? I’m convinced the answer is yes!

Regardless of where you are, what you’ve done, or didn’t do, the future is always yours to mold. There’s still time. This guy looks hopeful:  

Imagine changing the next decade by stepping out of your current situation and embracing a fresh, new one. How will it happen?