Friday, May 11, 2018

Autocorrect Suffering

Good old autocorrect. It’s not your friend. You remember how it tricked you after glancing at what you typed and realizing you texted a nonsensical statement. Recently, I received a lengthy text that ended with, “Great is the night.” I texted the same comment back. Maybe it was a fancy way to say good night. Who knows? If I hadn’t signed off, the next few lines to me may have mentioned something poetic about sparkling stars and the waning moon.

We get the wonkiest results whenever we overdo technology. And when technology controls everything, we get this reaction:  

Our safety concerns about surrendering control depends on where we place our trust. In the video, you might feel comfortable trusting the mechanical inner workings, the designing engineer, or the validity of the concept. Overall, how comfortable are you about giving up “the controls”?    

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