Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Head-Turner

In the middle of our community’s neatly manicured lawns sits one house with thigh-high grass. People driving by must wonder, “When are they going to mow?” Walking past the house is out of the question because who knows what kind of wildlife might attack. There’s always one lawn in a neighborhood that turns heads.

Overgrown lawns are like people, the outside suggests whether something significant is happening on the inside. If you see acquaintances acting a bit unusual, dig a little deeper. Watch how a neighborly visit might have prevented this situation:   


Unfortunately, we either under or overreact to curious behaviors. In this case, a well-intentioned favor morphed into a police matter, which shows how easily our internal state bubbles up to the surface and spills into the public arena. What incredible experience has caused you to behave in a surprising way?  

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