Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Public Wow!

A couple of months ago, I spotted a terrible sight on a busy expressway nicknamed “The Surekill.” A car, traveling about four vehicles ahead of me, crashed into the concrete median and popped up into the air. Within seconds, the driver regained control of the car, and stopped in the left hand lane, with significant front-end damage. As several other drivers negotiated around the wreckage, I got stuck behind it and watched the elderly driver emerge from the  accident uninjured. He indicated that another car had switched lanes and cut him off.
How unfortunate. While the aggressive driver zoomed away scot-free, this elderly man faced a huge repair bill. We never can tell what the day will bring. The best we can do is to expect the unexpected. Watch the major surprise one young lady received:


What a perfect finish to a great day! It’s hard to tire of those videos, especially when we consider the sacrifices made. With May less than a month away, expect to see more surprises like that one. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be part of the fun. What’s the best surprise you’ve ever received?     



Thursday, April 16, 2015

Are We That Smart?

Since my friend’s tablet operates like my cell phone, she demonstrated a couple of new features that I didn’t know existed.  I discovered that my camera has voice –activated technology, so we took a selfie by saying, “capture!” Amazing!

When I shared my fantastic discovery with my husband, he asked if I had read my phone’s directions.  Of course not.  I rarely read product directions, unless it’s for electric appliances or medicines. Here’s my motto on the topic: Life’s too short to read technology directions. If I have a smart phone, shouldn’t it tell me what it does?

Companies already make a smart home and a smart car that parks itself. If this trend continues, we’ll be a society of dumb people ruled by smart technology. Could technology rule the world? It sounds like Phil's Al’s preparing for it:

Watch out if Al Phil enters the next presidential race. He’s prepared, charismatic, and has a stinging sense of humor. Notice how he started off friendly, then things got creepy. Where’d he pick up the zoo joke? Not funny Phil!

We love our smart technology, but let’s not leave everything to the “Phils” of the world. What do we stand to lose due to technological advancements?  

Friday, April 10, 2015

Practicing Fobulous Habits

Our mechanic recently installed a new battery in my vehicle’s key fob, so why does it take  about five clicks to unlock the door?  I click and click until I’m standing alongside my vehicle, waiting to get in. Opening a car door with a faulty key fob is frustrating. I stopped using the key a few years ago and I guess I forgot that the key still works!

Habits develop faster than we realize, but they can take a long time to break. Nearly everything we do on a frequent basis could evolve into a habit. I wonder how long it took to form these tendencies:  


If we believe our performances hinge on how we put on socks or the number of times we tap  the ground, we’ve crossed over into the realm of ritualistic habits. They’re entertaining and raise our comfort levels, but I’m not sure they’re dependable. What habits give you confidence to do your best? 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Still Relevant

While watching TV, I spotted a young girl on the show dressed in an “unusual” outfit. After spending a lot of time with a relative, Jasmine began dressing like her family member. The clothes looked so awkward on her that I remember mumbling, “What is she wearing?” That’s when I realized two things: she was imitating her grandmother’s style and I owned a similar outfit.

Here’s my backstory. I received that outfit about five years ago. These days it’s my “house outfit,” which means I only wear it outdoors if I’m taking out the trash or making a quick grocery store trip. Even though I saw the outfit in a store this past winter, I don’t think the style caught on again. These styles might catch on faster than my old outfit:


Who doesn’t enjoy a colorful outfit? Styles change over time. One day your pants are in style and the next year you’re willing to donate them or wear them for a laugh. If we bought a pair of shoes last year, we’re ready to throw them out this year. If you do decide to keep them, you’ll have a hard time getting the heels fixed. Although people rarely get shoes repaired anymore, I still own several pairs of shoes that I’ve had for decades, including snow boots from middle school that I wear every winter.  Sound and sensible things last. What’s something you thought might not last, and then realized that it’s still useful and relevant?