Friday, April 3, 2015

Still Relevant

While watching TV, I spotted a young girl on the show dressed in an “unusual” outfit. After spending a lot of time with a relative, Jasmine began dressing like her family member. The clothes looked so awkward on her that I remember mumbling, “What is she wearing?” That’s when I realized two things: she was imitating her grandmother’s style and I owned a similar outfit.

Here’s my backstory. I received that outfit about five years ago. These days it’s my “house outfit,” which means I only wear it outdoors if I’m taking out the trash or making a quick grocery store trip. Even though I saw the outfit in a store this past winter, I don’t think the style caught on again. These styles might catch on faster than my old outfit:


Who doesn’t enjoy a colorful outfit? Styles change over time. One day your pants are in style and the next year you’re willing to donate them or wear them for a laugh. If we bought a pair of shoes last year, we’re ready to throw them out this year. If you do decide to keep them, you’ll have a hard time getting the heels fixed. Although people rarely get shoes repaired anymore, I still own several pairs of shoes that I’ve had for decades, including snow boots from middle school that I wear every winter.  Sound and sensible things last. What’s something you thought might not last, and then realized that it’s still useful and relevant?   


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