Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Leap of Faith

Lots of people are fanatical about eating the healthiest foods possible. At our house, we recently purchased snacks made with—you guessed it—vegetables. I’m eating corn chips made with beets, a vegetable I rarely eat. Sure, I’ll eat a few beets at a salad bar or if they show up on my plate at a friend’s house, but I’m not going to select them from a list of side items in a restaurant. Even if you dislike beets, you might like them in corn chips. Have you tried corn chips made with spinach and kale? I know. They’re green, not the best color for a snack food, but they taste great. If you like veggie snacks, then you’re probably a health-conscious person who’s ready for the next stage. Welcome to the next level of healthy eating:  

I just started enjoying veggie snacks so I’m not yet ready for the “next level.” Scratch that. I doubt I’ll ever be ready to knowingly go that far. Do you think you would? Who knows, in a year, maybe we’ll see bags of delicious insects in the supermarket. Is there something you thought you wouldn’t or couldn’t do, but now you realize how different your life would be if you had not taken a leap of faith?             

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