Friday, March 20, 2015

Fitting In

 A boy about four years old wearing a fashionable jacket and snazzy hat scooted into the row in front of me. Seated beside his mother, he removed his hat and waited for the assembly to start. Of course, within a few minutes, he started fiddling and fidgeting. Eventually he tried putting his hat back on, but it didn't fit. That’s odd, I thought. Why doesn't the hat fit now? As soon as he tilted it, I spotted the problem. He stuffed a chunky, toy inside the hat’s crown, leaving no room for both a head and a toy.  
Whenever you try to cram in too much, things are going to feel uncomfortable. I don’t why this group decided to sweat through this particular challenge, but they did.   


Overextending ourselves with work, activities, and too many commitments makes us cranky.  For whatever reason, we maintain our busy schedules and keep on going. Instead of struggling to scale back your commitments, what could you add to help cope with the busyness?  

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