Saturday, March 7, 2015

An Amazing Twenty-Six Hour Day

I’m sure you have a favorite household appliance or gadget. I like the clothes dryer. On cold winter days nothing beats bundling up in a toasty blanket taken straight out of the dryer. Try it. I guarantee it’ll make you say, “Mmmmm.” It’s like a quick massage, yet much less expensive.

We fill our homes with modern conveniences, but for every benefit a new household invention brings, there’s a potential downside. For instance, clothes dryers suck up energy, shrink your clothing, and rob them of their vibrant color. When designers try to help us save time, space, or energy, we wind up with technology like this:

If I owned that contraption, I’d end up yelling on the phone to the manufacturer, “Help, my kitchen’s  on lock down!” I can appreciate creating a compact, artistic kitchen, but should anybody need a forklift to move it into an apartment? You’ll probably have to remove a wall. I’ll stick with traditional kitchens that don’t unfold.

We have more convenient gadgets and inventions today than we’ve owned in the last fifty years, so you'd think we'd have more free time. I doubt that's the case. If you gained two more hours per day, how would you use them?


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