Friday, February 27, 2015

Time of Our Lives

Maybe we should call 2015 the Year of Catastrophes. It’s hard to name a crisis that hasn’t happened in the last eight weeks. Scanning the country and the world, we’ve seen everything from outrageous terrorist attacks to train derailments, from gas explosions to twin typhoons. Add in seventy car pile-ups, and non-stop, massive snow storms and you get a sense of how things have been going.

Daily news stories create fears about walking outside and apprehension about staying inside. A random vehicle could come crashing through our wall at any time. That’s already occurred this year, too. Regardless of the potential dangers, we glide through life not expecting a major crisis to directly impact us. And if it does, we’ll hope for a miracle.  For many of us, miracles defy logic, and stir up both curiosity and frustration. We’re always wondering how miracles occur and if we’ll experience one. Figure out how these people survived:    

I’m sure my blood pressure rose after watching that video. Every day we live life on the edge hoping to avoid one of 2015’s catastrophes. Like a dark cloud of danger hovering above us, the present and the future can hound our thoughts. In perilous times like these, what keeps your blood pressure stable?           


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