Friday, February 13, 2015

Your Perfect Spot

Nothing raises spirits like a brief retreat from the everyday routine. A few weeks ago, I retreated to the beautiful Bahamas. We stayed at Atlantis, an amazing hotel where activities and fun were within a ten minute shuttle ride down the road. The proximity of restaurants, music, wonderful beaches with sparkling turquoise water, aquariums, snorkeling, and a water park made it feel like we had stepped into paradise. The trip still feels like a dream, and that's probably because our short stay left me no time to get nitpicky.

Once we find “paradise,” it’s interesting how soon we find fault with it. Before long, we’re ready for the next perfect place. Have you discovered the paradise? Maybe this is what you’re looking for:     

Daily routines bore us. Paradise is good for two weeks and then we’re in the Bahamas muttering about too many sunny days. Some people believe a utopian society is impossible, but we can still aspire to it. What's paradise look like for you?  

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