Friday, February 6, 2015

Lifting the Shade on You

Celebrities often complain about living their lives in a fish bowl, with photographers tracking their every move. For average people, social media allows us to live the fish bowl life. We broadcast what we had for breakfast, where we ate it, and post pictures for proof. I’m always surprised about the type of things people share.

For instance, driving through neighborhoods, you’ll see a number of people who don’t mind giving drivers access to what’s going on inside. Fortunately for them, you can’t stop and stare. It’s illegal.  Given some of the sights you see, you’d think people want you to drop by for a visit. Maybe you’ll stop and watch this, if you can wait at least sixteen seconds:

Did you catch the expression on that face? There’s something intriguing in that room. lf you enjoy attention, here’s how to get it. Draw the curtains and close the shades, then focus on developing the positive attributes in you. Be a role model. Regardless of whether you enjoy the spotlight or prefer being behind the scenes, somebody’s watching you. What traits, habits, and behaviors do you want them to see?             

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