Saturday, July 19, 2014

This Is How We Roll

One night, while driving down a side street lined with tidy lawns and comfortable homes, we saw a ferocious animal race into the street and chase the car in front of us. This scene might sound normal except the ferocious animal that chased the car was a cat. I’m not sure what caused the confrontation, but the car kept going and the attacker retreated to its lair. For whatever reason, a little, white kitty decided to harass a passing car. Animals don’t always do what we expect. Take a look:

We couldn’t see who drove the car that the cat chased. If it was anything like the driver in the video, then it all makes sense. Some animals can perform or appear to perform amazing feats, while other animals astonish us simply by acting on instinct. Our cat will chase a tossed ball like a dog, but she won’t retrieve it. We trained her to run to us for a treat when we ring a bell, and she understands what it means when we say no. But what about you? What do you do that might be considered normal by some people, yet abnormal by others?   


Friday, July 11, 2014

I Wanna See You Be Great

Footsteps rumbled overhead at all hours of the day. Back and forth, back and forth. It sounded like the World Cup games up there. At the end of the week we saw a member of the family who stayed in the unit above us moving a stroller and toddler equipment from our vacation resort. Maybe a future Olympian trained above our heads all week. I suspect other vacationers have experienced the overhead rumbling of a young athlete honing his or her skills. Let’s see what it takes to be great: 

He practices for four hours every day. Now that’s commitment! As a youngster, Jashaun set big goals and he’s working to achieve them. He could spend his time doing other things, but he’s sacrificing for greatness.  What will you sacrifice to be great?               

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Not A Bad Thing

Last week’s bird collision seemed like a fluke, but after this week’s incident I’m beginning to wonder if our wildlife is suffering from navigational issues. While cruising along the road, a beautiful, black butterfly flew across our windshield. Unfortunately it wasn’t quick enough to avoid hitting the left corner of our car. In the rear view mirror we could see the butterfly, somewhat dazed and confused, fluttering on the road behind us. I hope it crawled to safety before the next car rumbled by.

Last week a bird got sucked into my car’s bottom vent and Les Brown offered us advice about aiming high. This week the butterfly flew higher than the bird, yet it still ended up on the ground. Here’s the take-a-way for this week:


If you’re floundering, rather than staying down, consider changing the path you’re taking. As the video implies, a failure can be the beginning of a successful, new direction. Everyone has failed at something. Following a failure, what course correction will you or have you made?          

Friday, June 27, 2014

Our Impact

Cue the scary music! When you hear it in the movies, you know something’s about to happen. I could have used the music this week when I made “the discovery.” As I was driving down the road, a bird swooped low, crossing in front of my vehicle.  I braced for the deadly thump, but nothing happened. I expected to see the bird continue its flight path, it didn’t and I drove on. Brace yourself. Cue the scary music!
The next day I glanced down and spotted two, tiny bird feet and a clump of feathers sticking out from my front bottom vent. The bird from the prior day hadn’t flown past me, but ended up lodged in my vehicle like some weird car ornament. Poor bird! After a third peek at the car vent, I found that the bird had fallen out. There’s a moral to the story and it goes like this:
We don’t want to end up like the poor bird that flew too low and suffered for it. Instead let’s aim high to reach our goals. People often talk about fulfilling their life purpose. What’s yours and are you willing to aim high?  

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Under Surveillance

Our cat went “off the grid” by wiggling out of her collar three times this week. A bell attached to her collar is our radar tracker. It warns us of her presence, but without it she follows us undetected until the last minute when we turn around and stumble over her.   If she’s wearing her collar, we don’t have to follow her to know when she’s wrestling with a toy or jumping onto the window sill. We can tell by the type of jingles. These days she’s not the only one under surveillance. Have a listen:


I can’t imagine hearing a mysterious voice from a faraway office scolding me for dropping trash or jaywalking. The video resembles a scene from a dystopian movie, not reality in 2014.  Welcome to the future—or is it? Maybe the future is now. How do you feel about being under someone’s watchful eye?     


Saturday, June 14, 2014

That’s No Bull

If you’re concerned about rising milk prices, you’re not alone. During a family discussion about high milk prices, one of our kids suggested we get a cow. Why not? We’d have free milk and free mowing whenever the cow grazed on the lawn. We could use the manure for fertilizer and sell the leftovers. If cow ownership doesn’t work out, there’s always beef for dinner. My husband pointed out a few potential problems with buying a cow, but one of our kids politely suggested that he shouldn’t be so negative.  We didn’t arrive at a final decision on the cow purchase, but since we live in the suburbs and not on a farm—I  don’t see our idea moving forward, however here’s one idea that did: 

 Syd just bought a cow! Congratulations, Syd! What a great lesson. I wonder if she understands the full implications of her purchase because it sounds like she can anticipate a lot of work and big payoffs once they sell the calves. It pays to weigh the pros and cons before jumping into new situations. What situation required you to weigh the positives and negatives before making a major decision? How did everything turn out?        

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Not A Good Thing

You probably know people who dislike certain foods. Maybe they avoid eating sweets or meats. We have a young person in our family who shies away from vegetables. When a certain someone lingered at the dinner table long after everyone else had gone, l wasn’t too surprised to hear, “Is it wrong to put corn in my pocket?” I think we can all agree that it’s not a good thing. We’ve all tried to avoid something by hiding it. The reality is that hiding doesn’t make the situation go away. Consider this question:    


Every day we allow various activities to keep us busy—work, hobbies, eating, exercising, social media, meeting with friends, listening to music, watching TV, surfing the web. Any one of those activities can be good or bad, but how many of them are helping us to hide from issues in life? Pause for a moment. Settle yourself with a deep breath. Is there an issue that you’ve been hiding or avoiding that needs your attention? It’s not a good thing to keep pushing it aside. So, what is a better way to deal with it?