Saturday, September 16, 2017

Do Something Different

Few adults would pass up an opportunity for a good catnap or a restful night’s sleep. I’m always interested in both, so my odd-story-antennae perked up when I spotted an article about a man who lived to age ninety-six—and never slept. Born in the 1800’s, Albert Herpin shunned the circus exhibition circuit to hold a job and lead an uneventful and somewhat isolated life. It’s a remarkable story, but I need more facts to believe it because doctors never stated that Herpin didn’t sleep with his eyes open. Getting to the truth can be difficult. See if you believe this:


Humans are incredible creatures. Most of us function the same, but every so often we discover someone who can’t sleep, can’t wake up, or does astonishing things while hovering somewhere in between. What if everyone lived ordinary lives during the day and became superheroes, accomplished artists, or someone extraordinary at night? Maybe it’s possible to live an extraordinary life during the day. What’s the easiest way for you to become out-of-this-world awesome?         

Herpin story appeared in Courier Post & Weird NJ Magazine

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Your True Colors

Black clothing never goes out of style, but every year there’s another color to fill in the popular saying (blank) is the new black. According to fashion experts, red is the trending color for this fall. I don’t know how they pick the season’s top color, but they manage to convince us that we’re of date unless we fill our closets with whatever color the “experts” choose.

Situations used to be either black or white back when we thought we knew who we were, what we believed in, and how to navigate the world. As social issues become grayer, it’s important to pause and reconsider what we see and believe. Take look:


If the current culture leaves you baffled or confused, revisit your core beliefs. When you look in the mirror, how do your true colors translate into your motto for living?    

Saturday, September 2, 2017

What the Other Side Sees

The word “mush” used to remind me of either overcooked foods or an arctic dog sled, but now I associate it with another image. This week, I spotted a large man wearing skates, rolling along while two small dogs pulled him down the street. To top it off, he flicked the leash to keep the dogs moving. I’ve seen people exercise their dogs while riding a bike, but an arctic dog sled scene in the neighborhood is a different story. Expect to encounter anything on the street, even something like this:


 Our perspectives develop from upbringing, environment, and experiences. Labeling something “different” simply means it’s not your normal. What different perspective are you struggling to understand?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

To Straddle or Not to Straddle 

Driving down the road, we watched a truck weave across two lanes. Before we decided whether the driver planned to keep swerving or stick to one lane, he turned off at an exit. We usually create hazardous situations for ourselves and others by shifting between the good and the bad. Imagine the gangster who buys groceries and toys for neighbors while also engaging in illicit activities. Questionable behavior undermines our best intentions and sabotages our overall objectives. Listen to this:


Consider the facts, including the “help,” and the financial donation. The video demonstrates how we’re masters at straddling lanes, doing whatever serves our needs. Think about how you straddle different identities. Which one best reflects you? Would other people agree?       

Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Glorious View

We’re poised to witness a phenomenal cosmic event soon, and it’s astonishing how scientists predicted this eclipse decades ago. I saw a tape from the 1960s featuring a newscaster telling viewers to look forward to the next eclipse in 2017. Back then, it must have seemed like forever. Fast forward decades later, and we’re waiting to see it again. While we go about our business down here, there’s a lot up there to consider. For instance, watch this:      


While people advise us not to sweat the small stuff, only you can decide what’s a small or significant part of the big picture. What’s making you anxious? Are you putting it in the right perspective?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Stranger Things

Keep your eyes open, and you’ll spot the strangest sights alongside the road. It’s not unusual to see people pausing to change a tire, closing the gas tank door, fastening the trunk, or switching drivers, but I saw a more unusual scene. I spotted a guy standing beside his car applying deodorant. Granted, maybe he forgot to do it that morning, or maybe he felt he needed a second application, but admit it, it’s not your everyday scene. See if these scenes look familiar: 


Be ready for anything because anything could be right down the road. As soon as we think we’ve seen everything, something new pops up. What things have you seen that make you reevaluate your strongest opinions?      

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Designated Survivor?

I dislike flies, especially when they’re inside our house. Few things are more annoying than chasing those little critters while they zip from one room to another. They gravitate to the windows trying to find a way out, but that only makes them easier to swat. I expect to find them flying around the kitchen searching for crumbs, but once they migrate to bedrooms I declare war. 

This week a fly had the guts to visit the bedroom and then sat on the bathroom sink alongside the soap. I lump soap and food together as the most unsettling places a fly can land. You never know what type of disgusting germs a fly will bring from its last adventure. In short, the fly that entered our house is…gone. It should have stayed with its buddies, like this explorer.


Did you feel like a wandering fly, heading toward the light, yet unsure if you’ll reach safety? Drifting off the main trail quickly causes disorientation and trouble, but our adventurous natures usually win out and we wander away anyhow. What kind of groups or people will prevent you from wandering into messy situations?