Saturday, June 30, 2018

What's the Small Stuff?

As I sat at a stop light on a multi-lane road, the light changed from red to green. A millisecond later, one driver beeped the car horn. Was that for me? What’d I do wrong? That’s what I would have thought years ago when I first started driving. Back then a parallel parking spot used to send me hunting for a “regular” space. Okay, it still does. But the point is now, with years of experience under my belt, whenever I hear a car horn beep while I’m driving, I think, “Hold your horses. You should’ve left home earlier!”   
If you talk with anyone sixty years and older, I believe they’ll tell you that the things they worried about decades ago pale in comparison to the issues that occupy their thoughts today. It’s interesting how knowledge and experience change our perspectives. Sometimes it’s a matter of focusing on the big picture.
One of our kids chose to replicate Neptune for a science project, and I learned it’s approximately seventeen times the earth’s mass. I’m always fascinated by the solar system and our position in it. We always seem to discover something new things in space. This video provides us with a fresh perspective on life and our universe: 

If you’re feeling insignificant, be encouraged! Despite the minuscule blip of space we occupy in the universe, we still have big jobs to tackle, like creating lasting legacies through role modeling. As you pass on the wisdom you’ve learned over the years, what small stuff would you advise someone else not to sweat?   

Edited and reprinted 2011(and still true)

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Where Inspiration and Value Meet

Inspiration flows from stories, experiences, and from the most surprising places. I’m inspired by things seen and unseen, by nature and the cosmos. I’m inspired by the Seven Wonders of the World, the sun, how babies learn to walk and talk, how tree roots crack through sidewalks, and possibilities. Good stories inspire us to be and do more. See if this inspires you:

A good story never fails to inspire or offer a powerful point to ponder. In our turbulent times, welcome advice that reminds and inspires us to realize our value and recognize it in others. During an ordinary day, what inspires you?     

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Come Again Another Day

Rain, rain, rain. Everyone’s happy when it sprinkles enough to water the flowerbeds. When daily downpours ruin our picnics and outdoor plans, we’re ticked off, and that’s when the complaints begin. Next week they’re forecasting temperatures in the nineties. It’s great for visits to the beach and garden parties, but after several humid heatwaves and a lot of perspiring, we’re back to complaining. Too much of a good thing causes things like this to happen:

Customers agreed to the request until the final, shocking smile. Regardless of the things we enjoy, balance is key. A beautiful garden requires sun and rain. Since we can’t bring on sunshine or hold back the rain, we need the appropriate perspective to deal with both circumstances. What helps you maintain perspective and balance?      

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Now You Know

If you have a love-hate relationship with machines, then you’re probably annoyed and amazed by the power of technology. Last week, I visited a facility with a security system that required an electronic pass to move throughout the building. When the visit ended, I headed down a hallway and swiped my pass to open the door for one of the last two areas. Nothing happened. Peeking through the door’s window, I spotted an equally puzzled person holding a pass and wondering why the doors hadn’t opened. We were trapped.

After a few more seconds of swiping, the passes worked, the doors opened, and our mini-crisis ended. Our experience barely registers on the panic-scale compared to this: 

If Sophia’s facial expressions correspond to the nature of her discussions, then why is she smiling at the end? Technology can work for us or against us, and when it’s against us, it’s an awful situation. What’s one of the best ways you’ve seen technology benefit humans?  

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Calling You Out

The empty yards and sidewalks in your neighborhood might cause you to wonder if the Pied Piper lured the kids away. Nowadays everyone stays inside huddled over computer games or immersed in social media. I read an article about how spending time outside helps lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and improve mood levels. See if you’re willing to go this far to achieve those benefits:

This lady took outdoor living to new heights. Sometimes we need to withdrawal from the world periodically to ensure a healthy, balanced life. Imagine yourself on an island, enjoying the wilderness and living by your own rules. What rule would you establish to maintain mind-body-spirit balance?