Saturday, January 26, 2019

A Silent Brush-Off

My cat gives me attitude. Not surprising, for a feline. She loves a good pet, but if I’m in the middle of typing or watching a TV show, I may take a few minutes to respond. If she feels like I’m not responding quick enough, I’ll look up and see cattitude, meaning she’s  settled down—with her back positioned toward me. It’s intentional, letting me know she’s not pleased. Some family members insist on getting our attention.  


That small family member is gentle and persistent. We usually get one of two responses when we fail to respond to attention requests, it’s either cattitude or the more assertive behaviors that demand our attention. When you survey your important relationships, which one(s) have you been ignoring?  

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

High Hopes

I’m going. No, wait. Turn back! Go now. Freeze! That’s squirrel-thought. You’ve seen them, those cute,  bushy-tailed creatures that waiver between coming and going in the center of the street, paralyzed in the face of danger. What are they thinking? Why don’t they just keep going?
They’re like us sometimes. Fear can paralyze us when we need to make big decisions, tackle the unknown, or try a potentially dangerous endeavor. What motivates a squirrel to risk life and limb to want to cross the road?  
Speaking of mammals, what about those Navy SEALs? Every so often, we hear tales of how our military elite accomplish a dangerous assignment. Their training involves grueling calisthenics, strength exercises, and underwater feats designed to push a solider past the fear factor and the limits of ordinary people. What drives a person to want Navy SEAL status and what can we learn from their incredible efforts? Have a listen:
Are you motivated? There are goals you’ve placed on the back burner. Maybe now’s the time to reach for them. Be brave, go for it! Your effort will take commitment, confidence, mental toughness, and support. Who will you lean on to help see you through?    

Modified from 1/2012

Monday, January 14, 2019

A Time and a Place

 People do the most unusual things in the oddest places. We have expectations when we visit a fast food restaurant. We expect fast service, a convenient drive-through window, and an adequate parking lot. This past week, I saw all of that and more. During the dinner hour, in thirty-degree weather, someone decided to wash their vehicle—wiping down the sides and shaking out the floor mats—it was a full-blown effort. Why would someone choose a frigid day in a restaurant parking lot to wash a car? Maybe an emergency event popped up, maybe the driver got bored waiting for his not-so-fast-food. Maybe the driver was related to these guys:   

There’s a time and place for everything and when we’re caught off guard by extinct creatures hounding us, the results speak for themselves. Life’s full of surprises and humor. I love the combination of little people legs and the great growl. It’s nothing we’d expect to see on a normal work day. Let’s say today’s the day and you’re in the right place. Before the moment passes, what important action do you need to take?

Monday, January 7, 2019

Blindfolds Off

The views from our windows impact our perspective. My new sunglasses offer an ultra-clear view of the world, all while blocking out harmful rays. From inside my car, the bright afternoon sun and a catchy tune on the radio made me appreciate the few peaceful moments of clarity, but there’s an unusual trend taking place. For some reason, blindfolds have escaped the confines of kids’ parties. Watch this:  
Nothing good comes from wearing a blindfold except when it’s worn prior to revealing a present. Checking in on the social scene, you’ll see some people believe otherwise. Blindfold challenges are the new no-no. People are injuring themselves and their loved ones by walking around blindfolded. Maybe the trend is a metaphor for how we’re feeling about our lives or the world. What’s a better way to block glaring, distracting issues and manage our lives with our eyes wide open?