Monday, January 7, 2019

Blindfolds Off

The views from our windows impact our perspective. My new sunglasses offer an ultra-clear view of the world, all while blocking out harmful rays. From inside my car, the bright afternoon sun and a catchy tune on the radio made me appreciate the few peaceful moments of clarity, but there’s an unusual trend taking place. For some reason, blindfolds have escaped the confines of kids’ parties. Watch this:  
Nothing good comes from wearing a blindfold except when it’s worn prior to revealing a present. Checking in on the social scene, you’ll see some people believe otherwise. Blindfold challenges are the new no-no. People are injuring themselves and their loved ones by walking around blindfolded. Maybe the trend is a metaphor for how we’re feeling about our lives or the world. What’s a better way to block glaring, distracting issues and manage our lives with our eyes wide open?       

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