Thursday, April 16, 2015

Are We That Smart?

Since my friend’s tablet operates like my cell phone, she demonstrated a couple of new features that I didn’t know existed.  I discovered that my camera has voice –activated technology, so we took a selfie by saying, “capture!” Amazing!

When I shared my fantastic discovery with my husband, he asked if I had read my phone’s directions.  Of course not.  I rarely read product directions, unless it’s for electric appliances or medicines. Here’s my motto on the topic: Life’s too short to read technology directions. If I have a smart phone, shouldn’t it tell me what it does?

Companies already make a smart home and a smart car that parks itself. If this trend continues, we’ll be a society of dumb people ruled by smart technology. Could technology rule the world? It sounds like Phil's Al’s preparing for it:

Watch out if Al Phil enters the next presidential race. He’s prepared, charismatic, and has a stinging sense of humor. Notice how he started off friendly, then things got creepy. Where’d he pick up the zoo joke? Not funny Phil!

We love our smart technology, but let’s not leave everything to the “Phils” of the world. What do we stand to lose due to technological advancements?  

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