Friday, October 25, 2013

Home: Yesterday and Today

Can we go home again? Can you revisit the place where you grew up? I have limited access to my childhood home and occasionally I’ll go back to reminisce.  The kitchen reminds me of how I used to look up at the bottom of the cabinets. I marvel at the living room space where I played games, decorated the Christmas tree and did cartwheels. It seemed roomy back then, but looks far too small for my cartwheels now.  I even recall the shiny, pink bathroom tiles that spiced up the second floor. Snazzy! Are you feeling nostalgic yet? See if this video and its lyrics bring back memories.  


 No, I don't know this family, but what a touching tribute for a childhood home! Is home where you live, where you spend holidays, a place in your memories, or somewhere else?  Where is home for you?             

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