Friday, November 1, 2013

A Swarmy Day

Watch out! They may be hovering outside your window—and they’re carnivorous!  I posted a warning sign on a door in our house that read Beware: Ladybug. About twelve ladybugs clung to our window screen and we trapped one in the bathroom. “Trapped” means one of the kids placed the bug there for safekeeping. Who doesn’t like a few ladybugs? When temperatures drop they seek out warm places to hibernate. I just hope they don’t settle for our house. Several ladybugs are cute, but when the number swells to several hundred, cute becomes unsettling. Check out this swarm:  


 I can think of several words to describe the dark cloud—amazing, mesmerizing, and eerie.  It reminded me of the famous movie about birds; they were a naughty flock. A large quantity of anything often amounts to more than you want or need. On the other hand, how would you finish this sentence? I can never get enough ______________ because______________.     

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