Friday, September 27, 2013

Learning Patience in an IPhone World

How do you learn patience? Make a call using a rotary phone. It could take fifteen seconds or more to complete a call on that ancient technology, which still took too long.  Zeros took the longest to dial, and our old phone number had two of them. Imagine dialing seven numbers and hearing a rapid click-click-click-click after each one. I don’t know how we stayed sane.

Typewriters can teach lessons in patience, too. Every student old enough to submit a typed school report should experience the typewriter, along with its correction tape and messy white-out. For extra fun, remove the paper from the typewriter, then make the correction. Best wishes in getting the paper and sentences to line up straight again. Oh, the memories! Oh, the drudgery! Take a look at other contraptions that made our lives better:      

The mom had the cassette ready, and she probably has a huge stash of tapes stored in a closet. Remember how cassette tapes squeaked when they aged and unraveled if you mishandled them? Even today’s technology can be frustrating once the Internet connection shuts down. Sometime we learn the best lessons through our most exasperating moments. What has helped you learn patience?               


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