Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rowdy Bumper Car Recreation

Have you been to an amusement park this summer? It’s our family’s civic duty to visit at least one or two parks per year, but we’re under our annual quota. Several weeks ago I rode an updated version of the classic bumper cars. It was a fun ride, except the experience transported me to my childhood days when my car would freeze-up a corner (yeah, that was me). Back then, I twisted and turned the wheel, hoping the right combination of moves would free me from my time-out. Meanwhile, as the other drivers whizzed around the enclosure banging and crashing into one another, the sounds of whirling motors and maniacal laughter burrowed into my brain. Eventually, a fellow driver’s merciless bump freed me, but by then the ride was over. Oh, those wonderful amusement park adventures! Some people shouldn’t ride the bumper cars. Watch this:


 That’s probably not what the retailer had in mind when they stocked the store with motorized carts. As you can see, it’s never a good situation when bumper car playtime leaves the protected area of an amusement park. What activity do you wish you could do without worrying about social or political boundaries?       



catherine Wright said...

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Bethanie said...

Oh my!

Thanks for commenting. Take care!