Friday, August 30, 2013


Was our beautiful plant gone, gone, gone? When we left for vacation last month, our potted plant’s lush red flowers made me smile. Upon our return, we witnessed the damage the horrible heat had caused. Dry soil and barren plant stems replaced the beautiful, red blooms. Darn that Feels Like one hundred four degree weather!

You might be wondering if I dumped the plant or gave it another chance? How could something so dehydrated live again? I flooded the pot with water and the plant survived! The green stems have a few sparse leaves, and one tiny bud popped out, the early stages of a flower. I’m eager to see the plant bloom again. I just hope they come before the temperatures drop. This plant is a survivor. If you want to see extraordinary survivors, take a look:


Miracles can happen anywhere, anytime. What miracle have you experienced?  

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