Saturday, August 10, 2013

Not A Beach Week

This past week wasn’t one to spend at the beach. Gray skies, cool temperatures and on-off rain made it feel more like autumn. Some people will go to the beach in any kind of weather. They’ll visit the ocean on sunny days, wintry ones or right in the middle of a storm. The ocean does have a certain attraction when the wind blows and turbulent waves pound the shore. We’re mesmerized by enormous bodies of water. Notice how we’re always asking, “How deep is it?” The ocean’s depths hold astonishing finds; you never know what you’ll discover down there. Listen and look at this:    
If I were a fish in the deep and saw those pulsating lights, instead of taking cover, I’d never stop staring and end up as dinner. Do you remember playing Hide-N-Seek and hiding out in the open, hoping that you’d blend into your surroundings? Remember how that never worked? Octopuses make disappearing look easy. Our oceans are full of amazing creatures and their and mind-boggling abilities. What draws you to the beach?         

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