Friday, August 23, 2013

Double Insight and Seeing Double

Are you seeing double? I am. In the past week I’ve seen enough twins and triplets to believe  there’s a twin festival in town. In fact, I just saw part of a show where a couple had toddler twins and infant twins, and yes, the wife sounded overwhelmed. I’m surprised I didn’t have twins since my grandmother had a twin sister and we have twin cousins in our family. Despite being a handful, twins are fascinating. They finish one another’s sentences, share emotions, and develop similar preferences even when raised apart. I’m always amazed at how their parents can match the correct names and faces. There’s something special about being born with a buddy. Take a look:


When two people talk in unplanned synchronicity, it’s a hoot! Add in the joint laughter and dreams, and you can tell there’s a close connection between twins. You don’t have to be a twin to experience a special bond. With whom do you share a special connection?      


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