Friday, July 26, 2013

What’s The Word?

Do you think town criers should replace Twitter’s tweets? A town crier popped up at St. Mary’s Hospital in London to announce the royal birth of Prince William and Kate’s son. If you haven’t seen the announcement of the good news, take a look:

 We should definitely import this occupation from the Britain to America! We could position a town crier at every town’s post office to proclaim all the news that’s fit to yell and worth knowing. TCTV (Town crier TV) could be the television station that broadcasts all of the nation’s town criers so that we’d have all the important information from across the country. Doesn’t this idea sound so much more entertaining than our current news programs or those limiting 140-character tweets? Not only could town criers give us the news and nothing but the news, these new jobs would also lower the unemployment rate—it’s a win-win for everyone. Once this plan is adopted and your town has its very own announcer, what’s the first piece of good news you want your town crier to proclaim?  



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