Friday, July 5, 2013

A Rainy Day

Imagine yourself sitting in the back of your home enjoying the semi-sunny view outside. Now imagine walking to the front of the house, looking outside, and discovering that it’s nighttime. Something similar happened at our house. Here’s the real story:

We were at home, sitting where we could see outside. A few clouds dotted the sky. When we walked to the front of the house and opened the door, believe it or not—it was raining outside. A steady downpour. At one point we could see both areas simultaneously and yes, the back was clear, but rainy in the front. How odd! You never know what you’ll find outside or under your bed. Listen to one lady’s discovery:
 There have been a lot of sinkholes popping up in recent months. Watch where you sleep, walk, and drive; turn a corner and a wild adventure may be just around the corner.  What’s the most amazing thing you’ve experienced?



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