Friday, October 3, 2014

Silicon Valley? Not on My Bucket List

I’m not an early adopter. Those are the folks who line up at store doors clamoring for the newest version of the latest technology. They spread the word on the pros and cons of a gadget, and morph into community experts who share advice about what technology to purchase or avoid.

I am a late adopter. I buy the oldest versions of the newest technology. While much of the world wants version XXX, I settle for version X, two versions back. I’m the one carrying the actual camera because my cell phone camera functions best when the photographic background isn’t too dark, too bright, or too…anything. I’m a late adopter and that’s okay. I don’t own the fancy version of any type of technology—yet. These folks understand what that’s like:

The one guy couldn’t make sense of the scene, and he even thought up several potential reasons for why someone would carry those loads. Despite what others think, we usually have good reasons for what we do. What types of things do you do that separate you from the crowd?        

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