Saturday, October 25, 2014

Navigating the Next 24 Hours

Good information can come from many places. As we watched TV, my husband and one of the kids got into a discussion about salaries, daily expenses, and everyone’s favorite—taxes.  During an explanation about how taxes work and how much money can disappear from your pay, we noticed our youngest child absorbing every word. We had to laugh when our intrigued child said, “I should take notes on this!” You’re never too young to start soaking up worthwhile advice—especially when it comes to taxes. Maybe this advice will benefit you, too:  

Everyone has a story to share. What better way to learn a lesson than from someone else’s experience, especially if it’s a difficult one? I love how the teens went out and had face-to-face encounters with people that society often ignores. The advice fit everyone—youth, parents, college students, middle-aged folks, and even grandparents.  Some of the best advice came from the man who spoke about handling bad opportunities. He said don’t just walk away from them—run away! What guardrails have you placed in your life to keep you on the right track?

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