Friday, June 27, 2014

Our Impact

Cue the scary music! When you hear it in the movies, you know something’s about to happen. I could have used the music this week when I made “the discovery.” As I was driving down the road, a bird swooped low, crossing in front of my vehicle.  I braced for the deadly thump, but nothing happened. I expected to see the bird continue its flight path, it didn’t and I drove on. Brace yourself. Cue the scary music!
The next day I glanced down and spotted two, tiny bird feet and a clump of feathers sticking out from my front bottom vent. The bird from the prior day hadn’t flown past me, but ended up lodged in my vehicle like some weird car ornament. Poor bird! After a third peek at the car vent, I found that the bird had fallen out. There’s a moral to the story and it goes like this:
We don’t want to end up like the poor bird that flew too low and suffered for it. Instead let’s aim high to reach our goals. People often talk about fulfilling their life purpose. What’s yours and are you willing to aim high?  

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