Saturday, June 14, 2014

That’s No Bull

If you’re concerned about rising milk prices, you’re not alone. During a family discussion about high milk prices, one of our kids suggested we get a cow. Why not? We’d have free milk and free mowing whenever the cow grazed on the lawn. We could use the manure for fertilizer and sell the leftovers. If cow ownership doesn’t work out, there’s always beef for dinner. My husband pointed out a few potential problems with buying a cow, but one of our kids politely suggested that he shouldn’t be so negative.  We didn’t arrive at a final decision on the cow purchase, but since we live in the suburbs and not on a farm—I  don’t see our idea moving forward, however here’s one idea that did: 

 Syd just bought a cow! Congratulations, Syd! What a great lesson. I wonder if she understands the full implications of her purchase because it sounds like she can anticipate a lot of work and big payoffs once they sell the calves. It pays to weigh the pros and cons before jumping into new situations. What situation required you to weigh the positives and negatives before making a major decision? How did everything turn out?        

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