Saturday, June 21, 2014

Under Surveillance

Our cat went “off the grid” by wiggling out of her collar three times this week. A bell attached to her collar is our radar tracker. It warns us of her presence, but without it she follows us undetected until the last minute when we turn around and stumble over her.   If she’s wearing her collar, we don’t have to follow her to know when she’s wrestling with a toy or jumping onto the window sill. We can tell by the type of jingles. These days she’s not the only one under surveillance. Have a listen:


I can’t imagine hearing a mysterious voice from a faraway office scolding me for dropping trash or jaywalking. The video resembles a scene from a dystopian movie, not reality in 2014.  Welcome to the future—or is it? Maybe the future is now. How do you feel about being under someone’s watchful eye?     


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