Saturday, July 5, 2014

Not A Bad Thing

Last week’s bird collision seemed like a fluke, but after this week’s incident I’m beginning to wonder if our wildlife is suffering from navigational issues. While cruising along the road, a beautiful, black butterfly flew across our windshield. Unfortunately it wasn’t quick enough to avoid hitting the left corner of our car. In the rear view mirror we could see the butterfly, somewhat dazed and confused, fluttering on the road behind us. I hope it crawled to safety before the next car rumbled by.

Last week a bird got sucked into my car’s bottom vent and Les Brown offered us advice about aiming high. This week the butterfly flew higher than the bird, yet it still ended up on the ground. Here’s the take-a-way for this week:


If you’re floundering, rather than staying down, consider changing the path you’re taking. As the video implies, a failure can be the beginning of a successful, new direction. Everyone has failed at something. Following a failure, what course correction will you or have you made?          

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