Saturday, September 20, 2014

Who Changed My Cheese?

Our family enjoys grilled cheese sandwiches. I usually make them by melting the butter, spreading it on the outside of the bread, topping the unbuttered inside with slices of cheese and popping the whole sandwich—in the oven—not in the frying pan. Brown on both sides and there it is. It’s quick to make without a butter-drenched pan to clean.

Well, last week our microwave broke. I wasn’t in the mood to melt the butter on the stove so when I made myself a sandwich, I decided to skip butter altogether. I told one of our kids about the omission. Judging by the shocked look I received, you would have thought I said, “I’m disabling the Internet and tossing out the TV!” Of course, no one asked to taste my sandwich.

Grilled cheese tastes a little different without butter, but it’s edible. I wonder if we’d notice if these twenty-five items disappeared from our food:


Why would a scientist decide to put such odd ingredients in foods? We’ve grown used to them now. Remove the weird items and we’re bound to hear, “Hey, this cheese tastes funny. Who took out the calf’s stomach?”

What items have you left out, but now want to add back into your life?





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