Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Live Encounter

Who doesn’t love Christmas lights? Part of the holiday tradition involves admiring the lights while driving through town. There are a couple of amazing displays in our area. One of them, located in a nearby town, is huge. It probably takes weeks to set up, and includes traffic directors, communication gadgets, and even a port-a-potty. You can imagine the amount of work involved in decorating that property. It’s an incredible sight, but a different Christmas light display grabbed my attention this year.

The display engulfs a modest house that sits several yards from the edge of a busy road. When I first saw the house in the evening, it looked like every part of the property glowed with bright blue lights. As I drove past the house, all of the colors switched from white, then to another color. Imagine a whole property full of colored light flashing as you pass by. The intensity of the light against the darkness made me nervous. I felt like there were silent bombs exploding alongside the road. I wonder what their neighbors think about living next door to silent light bombs. Once the holiday season starts, there’s no telling what your neighbors will do. Don’t we all need a special kind of humor to get through the month? Have a look:   

Anyone who lives next door to a light show needs that decoration. I appreciate the big light displays, but I bet many of us would vote for simplicity. What if we picked from an upbeat collection of Christmas words to decorate our homes? What word would you choose?       

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